View Full Version : Shure SM vs KSM

Apr-06-2004, 7:45pm
Would the Shure KSM27 offer significant improvement in sound over the SM57 in a medium loud live performance environment over a middle of the road PA system? Are the any drawbacks with the more expensive KSM27 for this application? Thanks

Dave Reiner
Apr-07-2004, 9:06am
It is easier to set up and sound check a single mic, and no monitors are needed (this is a 4 piece bluegrass band). But the KSM27 is feedback-prone in a moderately noisy environment and picks up the background noise. We run it through a Beringer Shark DSP110, which helps a bit. If the environment is not quiet, or if there are restrictions on speaker placement, we use a full PA, although using Shure Beta 57a mics rather than plain 57s. The tonal quality is fine with either set-up, although we can get a lot louder before feedback with the full set of mics.


Apr-07-2004, 9:35am
Thanks dsreiner, I was thinking more on the lines of full mic/full PA, with my mando mic being the KSM27. I usually play with two guitars, accordion, vocal, backup vocal, and sometimes electric bass. If money weren't an option would you stick with the Beta 57s? Is the feedback and background noise you're talking about because of the mic or the one-mic setup?

Pete Martin
Apr-07-2004, 11:22am
Try the small diaphram Shure KSM 137. I use it on my mando and it gives great results.

Large diaphram mics have not worked as well as individual instrument mics for me playing live. Much more feedback prone.

Dave Reiner
Apr-07-2004, 12:02pm
To clarify -- I would not use a KSM27 or equivalent on one single instrument as part of a larger PA. You don't need the wide pickup pattern and it will feed back. I play fiddle and mando through a Shure beta57a and like the sound fine.


John in T-ride
Apr-07-2004, 6:43pm
The Audio Technica Pro 37 R is a great little(fits in your case) mic for live and has a nice tight pattern. Highly recommend but needs phantom power.around $100.00 or so