View Full Version : Eight new mandolins for 96 shillings!

Apr-12-2006, 12:50am
On sabbatical here and I finally found a store that sells mandolins -- these are the first I'd seen (except for the Kentucky I brought over) As you can see, there is damage the last one there, but I did that and otherwise they were all in fine shape. They are good, by the way.

Apr-12-2006, 7:28am
I like the cremona brown finish once you get through the heavy polymer overcoat. What guage of string would I floss with when finished?

Are they like a Twix bar (cookie, caramel covered in chocolate) or a Kit Kat (sugar wafers covered in chocolate) or something totally different?


Plamen Ivanov
Apr-12-2006, 7:36am
They are rather "Twix" like (caramel and something like wafer covered in chocolate) I have eaten these four or five years ago, but after that they disappeared from the market and i haven`t seen them since.

Jim Hilburn
Apr-12-2006, 10:29am
I thought I had the African mandolin market covered with 3 in country now and another on the way.

Apr-13-2006, 1:29am
It's definately in the Twix camp (a "biscuit" covered in caramel and chocolate), except that I kinda like these and hate Twix (texture's all wrong -- feels like you're chewing gum and eating potato chips at the same time). Funny that they sell mandolin candy bars here but no Kenyan I've talked to knows what a mandolin is (don't, your sentences, end prepositions with). But then most Americans don't seem to know, either.

Where are you Jim? Perhaps we could jam together! :-) (A bit like people who say, "You're going to Africa? Oh, I know somebody in Africa -- maybe you know him?")

jim simpson
Apr-13-2006, 3:49pm
Eye Candy!

Apr-13-2006, 5:27pm
Aye, candy.