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Apr-10-2006, 12:06am
Here are a couple pics of #2 along side #1

Apr-10-2006, 12:07am
and the backs

Apr-10-2006, 8:01am
just incredible! the backs on those two mandolin are simply amazing.

Mike Crocker
Apr-10-2006, 9:13am

I just love seeing the back flame from through the sound holes. The insides can be as beautiful as the outsides.

These "post a picture" threads aren't good for my greed/lust/envy/covet problems.

Peace, Mooh.

Apr-10-2006, 9:52am
Man-0-mando that just isn't fair i tell ya !!!
This is an inspiring place to hang out !

Jim Combra

Phil Jolly
Apr-10-2006, 10:39am
Be still my heart... That is one gorgeous A, I love the blackface, but then I may be biased. Just, wow...

Apr-10-2006, 11:04am
Wow is right! I love that you kept the backside of the neck clear . . . kind of a form follows function idea I suppose?

Is it my imagination or is the truss rod cover on the A missing?

Speaking of missing, I may have missed a post somewhere back a ways, but did you make these for yourself or did someone order these?


Apr-10-2006, 11:57am
Those are incredibly beautiful mandos! The only thing I would change (and it's REALLY small) is the color change on the necks. I'd prefer the change to appear to be "worn-in", gradual, and angled rather than the tape line. However it's done though, I do like the "naked" necks better than fully bursted ones. Congrats!! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Apr-10-2006, 12:12pm
Speaking of missing, I may have missed a post somewhere back a ways, but did you make these for yourself or did someone order these?
You did miss a couple http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif
These are being built by Andy Poe of Driftwood Mandolins (http://www.driftwoodmandolins.com/NewSite/Home.html). He's actually changing the name to Poe I think.

F5G WIZ is sharing these pictures here (Poe #1 and #2), while he waits on Poe #5.

They look lovely. Andy makes a very mando.

Apr-10-2006, 12:53pm
that A5 looks beautiful! Another one added to the list of future MAS purchases.

Apr-10-2006, 2:20pm
Yes Andy is the artist here. I'm just the lustful messenger! He has been sending me pictures of his current accomplishments. He's not much on tootin his own horn but I'm more than glad to toot it for him. Cn't wait to see #5. Heard #4 is a two point.

Apr-10-2006, 6:42pm
FG5 Wiz, Andy just sent me pictures of #4 in white! I haven't a clue how to get them on here. Maybe he'll share them with you and you can post them.

Apr-11-2006, 2:29am
gwalt, save the pictures to your hard drive by right clicking on the pic and clicking "save as" then pic a folder to put them in. When you decide to post them go tot he "ADD REPLY" button on the message board type in your comments then hit the "browse" button to find the picture in the folder where you left it. Double click on the picture and it will automaticly add it to your post when you post it. Sound complicated but once you have done it once it's a snap. If all else fails email them to me and I will post them for you.:)

Apr-11-2006, 7:33am
I absolutely love Andy's work.

Thanks for sharing.

Scotti Adams
Apr-11-2006, 4:09pm
Pretty sweet indeed. Thats gotta be the prettiest A model I think I have ever seen.

Apr-11-2006, 4:45pm
Thanks to everyone for the help to post some pictures. I hope I do this right. Poe #4 in white

Apr-11-2006, 4:46pm
another of the back. Poe #4 in white

Apr-11-2006, 4:59pm
LOVELY ! ! !
Andy likes a good recurve. It looks excellent.
What finish are you going for?

Yum! Hope it sounds as good as it looks!

Apr-11-2006, 5:30pm
Poe #4 will be very close in color to Driftwood #19 except this one has ivory binding and gold hardware.

Apr-11-2006, 9:06pm
Wow looks stunning! Kinda like the white I think. The stain will really bring out the grain.

Phil Jolly
Apr-11-2006, 9:24pm
That's a gorgeous 2-pt. Can't wait to see the pictures of her with stain, I agree with Gwiz, that is going to be some impressive grain. I also really like the boud f-holes. I hope we can get reports as soon as someone plays these new Poes.

Apr-12-2006, 1:50am
Yeah I love the bound f holes. Don't beleive I have seen that on one of Andy's mandos before. OK we've seen #1, #2, and #4 how about the Dola and #3? Throw us another bone ANP.

Apr-13-2006, 7:25am
with the name Poe he might think about putting a raven on the headstock... jes a thought...

Apr-13-2006, 9:20am
<sigh> So many pretty mandolins, so little cash in my pocket.