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Apr-06-2006, 3:24pm
Recently received my third MM mandolin, this one
is the MMS-8W. I wish everyone could have a wack at
it. I would be interested in your opinions. The finish is
excellent from the carved top to the custom tailpiece.
The satin finish is something one either loves or doesnt
but its exactly what I wanted, an older looking mando in really good shape. Only the sound makes one take notice
to it. I dont buy instruments for a fancy schmancy look.
I played quite a few mandolins when I was in Nashville
last summer including the Gibsons, Rigels, Eastmans ect
and honestly, this one doesnt take a back seat to any of them and certainly better than ones costing double or better. If there is a weakness it might be a slight weak on the top end compared to the rest of the mandolin, but this was shipped with thin strings so I cant wait to wear them out and hook up w/ a heavier gauge. The bottom and middle are truly amazing. What makes it even more interesting is that it was not set up by anyone. I just put the bridge on, checked the intonation, and started playing. Dont even know if I want to mess with it any more than I have to. Well,
maybe raise the bridge to tweek a little more top end.
I would have no problem saying I made a mistake but no
way is that the case. The first two MM's ( an MM-3 and
an MM4 ) are fine mandolins in their own right, but this one, while more money, seems to be well worth it. I'd be real interested if anyone else bought this make and model
and subsequent impressions.

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Apr-07-2006, 6:27am
Good deal...I believe the more people get their hands on a Morgan Monroe the more they will like them.

Apr-07-2006, 8:54am
My second - and current - mando is an MMS4, and I've had some high-end players say "No way, is that sound coming from a Morgan Monroe. When I got her, it appeared that it had been set up by a monkey with DTs. I won't tell you where I bought it. There's already enough said, about them, here on the Cafe. I'll let you guess. They had notches all over the place on the bridge, the G strings were way too close together, and the bridge was cranked up nearly off the post on the treble side. I got it set up properly, put an Allen tailpiece on it, and it is one awesome sounding and playing axe. The finish around the body scroll leaves some to be desired, but for my money, Morgan Monroe done did this one good. I'm going to have to be really impressed before I move on to another instrument. Gene

Apr-07-2006, 9:01am
I like my mm3 just fine...

Apr-07-2006, 4:48pm
One of the reasons the MM4 ( Phantom of the Opry )
sounds the way it does is the sycamore for the back and sides. Dont know why sycamore does this, but it packs more punch than my MM3. The tone actually sounds much more
expensive ( mellow yet w/ punch ) The MM3 is more of a
Bill Monroe in your face high tone that Bluegrassers like.
#The MM8 seems to fall in the middle of those two so far.
It'll be interesting to see how it opens up now that its out of the case and hanging on the wall instead of suffocating in the case.

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Apr-08-2006, 10:28am
I have an MMS-6 that I got used off the cafe here. It was a factory second had a few minor problems that i corrected myself and let me tell you this thing is way better than I would have ever expected. Its not perfect in terms of a "handmade" mando when it comes to fit and scroll inside finish but has a awesome sound. I just did a gig with it last night and got nothing but compliments on the sound.

Apr-09-2006, 8:31am
Glad to hear I'm not the only one to be impressed by these
mandolins. The MM-4 probably would be the most variable
in musical gendre. Sounds good with Bluegrass and also
celtic, Irish and jazz applications.
The MM-8 plays so easily its hard to believe. The MM-3
is my favorite for Bluegrass. The only one that didnt impress me that much in tone was the MCM series that had a
quilted type back. Great looking mando but something seemed
to muffle the sound a bit. I think it was quilting of the back. Others disagree......

Apr-09-2006, 10:17am
I like my MMS7L fine. I wanted the MMS 4 but they don't make it in the LH model. My seven needed some additional setup but I think it was because it was left handed and they had RH people setting it up. Anyway am satisfied with it and the cost was good, do............