View Full Version : zither style mandolin banjo

Apr-04-2006, 4:18pm
Looking around at the various banjolins, I found this one:

Interesting appearance, and described as being a "zither style banjo mandolin." I take it that "zither style" refers to having a resonator that is flat on both sides?

Ken Sager
Apr-04-2006, 4:39pm
Zither usually means the head is mounted onto the resonator, rather than the head to the pot, and resonator to the pot as a normal banjo would. The zither has a resonator for a body, with the head mounted onto it.

Make sense?

Tony Burns
May-01-2006, 7:52pm
I believe this zither mandolin to be made by the Wallestro co. ( think i spelled it right ) I have one of these in my collection-( in its original leather case ) they are a very interesting small mandolin with a bright tone- almost like a banjo mandolin. A very interesting mandolin.