View Full Version : What gauges for Schwab 5-string?

Kid Charlemagne
Apr-06-2004, 6:58am
Since I'm now using my Schwab in a band setting, I don't have the luxury of putting off getting a bunch of replacement string anymore.

To other Schwab owners (or Kevin, if you're reading), what gauges do you use or recommend for each string. CGDAE?

Muchas gracias, ladeez and gentuhlmen...

Ted Eschliman
Apr-06-2004, 10:31am
On my 5-string (Earnest Instruments) "Boomerang," I'm quite fond of the Thomastik JS111 Light Gauge Swing Series Electric Guitar set. Brighter than most flatwound, they are a warm, dense string with a piano-like clarity, and smooth feel.
.011 Brass plated steel
.015 # #"
.019 Nickel Flatwound (discard)
.025 # #"
.035 # #"
.047 # #"

Throw away the .019 (or use it to slice cheese) and it's my personal Five string fave.

Kid Charlemagne
Apr-06-2004, 11:48am
This actually could be a very good thing - I've noticed that my round-wound strings tend to provide more than a little uncomfortably loud "zipping" when I change positions. The flatwound may help solve a good deal of that...

Thanks, man(dohack)!

Ted Eschliman
Apr-06-2004, 12:57pm
The Thomastiks are great; another option similar is the D'Addario Chromes (http://www.daddariostrings.com/viewfullproduct.asp?alt=100002577) Flatwound (if you can't find the JS111):
ECG23 = .010 .014 .020 (kill) .028 .038 .048
ECG24 = .011 .015 .022 (kill) .030 .040 .050

Apr-15-2004, 1:20pm
I much prefer light gauge