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Scott Tichenor
Apr-06-2004, 6:35am
From Peter Mix at Rigel.

I thought you might get a kick out of this: Steve Berthel is the owner, brewer, and music booker at the Kraftbrau Brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Last year he booked Jimmy Gaudreau and Moondi Klein for a concert at the brewery and informed us that he was going to brew an ale in Jimmy's honor. He told me that he wanted to send a case to us and it arrived today, so I snapped a photo of the label for your amusement. If you'd like to post it on the Cafe, feel free.

I can hardly wait to try the brew. Jimmy also received a case today and called to tell me that he and Gloria are going to sample it with homemade chili tonight.

Bill James
Apr-06-2004, 7:36am
Verrrry cool.....the pencil thin mustache pulls it all together.

Mando Medic
Apr-06-2004, 7:42am
Now that's a brew with a head!

Apr-06-2004, 9:08am
Homer sez..........Ummmmmmmm, Mandeau Man Ale!

Ted Eschliman
Apr-06-2004, 10:38am
Jimmy was just in Lincoln, NE a few weeks ago (Robin & Linda Williams).
If that brew is as tasty as his playing, those who drink it are in for a hearty balance of just the right amount of "bite" with no bitter aftertaste.
Boy, if anyone is capable of showing off the versatility and all around marketability of the Rigel instrument, it's Jimmy.
Thanks for sharing that!

Jim Roberts
Apr-06-2004, 12:08pm
Scott: #I assume you'll be bringing some of this brew to the Academy on Thurday night???

Apr-06-2004, 12:10pm
Yes! this absolutly reeks of coolness! more mando brews!! Will they be getting this out for distribution>? please send some to nyc....please...?

now if we can get some folks to do a mando releated Burbon a single malt and a wine done we would have covered all the bases....if you don't drink I'm sure Jones soda co. could make a killer Mando-root-beer.

now this time it really is CHEERS!

Brian Aldridge
Apr-06-2004, 8:42pm
I must admit when I played at the Kraftbrau s few weeks ago, I sampled some of their brew, and it was all oh so good. Thanks Steve!

Apr-08-2004, 7:58pm
It's been my pleasure to play there a few times, and drink there many, many more times. One of my favorite bars in the entire country, bar none. Steve is an *excellent* brewer, I'm sure the beer is great.

Taboot, Taboot,