View Full Version : Teens & 20's Gibson A's

Mar-26-2006, 12:31am
I just found an old '21 A Jr. The finish is pretty rough - no big dings or gouges, but finish scratches and wear all over. The back is separated, but that will be a relatively easy fix (I hope!).

What about the finish? Should I try to restore it, or just leave it the way it is - mojo and all?

Alex Fields
Mar-26-2006, 12:51am
As long as it's not affecting the playability or sound...leave it. It's not so unappealing in a vintage instrument, you could even say it gives it character.

Gail Hester
Mar-26-2006, 3:47am
Ive restored/rebuilt several of these and I only refinish them if I absolutely have to, usually do to major repairs. The one pictured looks pristine to me; Id leave it alone and enjoy playing it. It certainly will be worth more as is.

Bob A
Mar-27-2006, 12:28pm
Refinish? Hardly ever. If you don't like the looks, stick with a new instrument. A refin will cut the value by 50% if well done; if it's a hack job, you'd need to get the refin refinished to bring it up to 50%. Anyway, a goodly part of the charm of these things is the "distressed" look, and if you happen to put a few scratches on it, who'll ever notice?

Mar-27-2006, 5:48pm
Thanks, y'all. That's what I was hoping to hear. I like the "natural" look, but I also am interested in what adds and/or doesn't detract from value. I appreciate the advice.