View Full Version : Vinaccia mandolin

Mar-25-2006, 3:19pm
I have a 1890's Vinaccia bowl back mandolin, very well constructed and in excellent condition. Has anyone seen any of these out there? Trying to figure out what it might be worth.

Mar-25-2006, 4:06pm
Joe, That makers name sounds familiar, I sure on of our resident experts will chime in with some helpful info.

Bob A
Mar-25-2006, 6:22pm
The Vinaccia family made mandolins for three centuries. Their instruments are among the most renowned Italian mandolins; some are better (sometimes much better) than others. If you posted photos of the instrument and label in the Classical section you could get a thorough evaluation of what you have. Be sure to mention (and photograph if possible) the action and condition of the neck joint, a weak point of bowlbacks. Functionality of tuners is important, originality of finish is as well. It can be tough to change frets on these instruments, since the fretboard is usually quite thin.

The closer it is to an original, functional instrument, the better, as repairs (and luthiers who are qualified to execute them) are expensive and hard to come by.

Mar-28-2006, 8:21am
Have a look at Ali's site - she has a gorgeous old Vinnacia, a delicate old mandolin of great vintage and character.

Her cd of music inspired by Louis De Berniere's book Captain Correlli's Mandolin is outstanding.