View Full Version : A couple of minor changes to the Stanley

J. Mark Lane
Mar-24-2006, 2:55pm
No big deal. But I finally decided to take the pickguard off. Also, although the silver engraved tailpiece Chris provides is nice, I like the look of the new-ish Randy Allen TR2 (and I hate changing strings on the old style tp's). Here's the "after" pic. Still pretty straightforward.

J. Mark Lane
Mar-24-2006, 2:58pm
While I was at it, the "Gibson" Grover tuners that Chris installed on the mandolin were not pleasing me. There were dead spots and slippage, and they tended to rattle. (Same thing had happened with the Grovers on my Bibey, for some reason.)

I swapped out for a set of Schallers with a Cafe member who wanted to try the Grovers, but discovered that the plates were different sized and not all the holes lined up. Hm. So I decided to just order another set of Grovers, this time just going straight to StewMac for the standard set.

Nice. I like the black shafts, there's no dead spots or slippage and they don't rattle. Tune nicely.

Mar-24-2006, 3:01pm
J. Mark Lane, I'm still wondering what ever happened to that Brian Dean bowlback. We never saw the final outcome.

J. Mark Lane
Mar-24-2006, 3:02pm
Just a quick shot of the front of the headstock with the new tuners. I got that truss rod cover from these guys:


Note the link to the Cafe at the bottom of the page there. I think I paid $20 or so for the trc, including the engraving. No big deal, but I like it better than the standard plastic job.

Just thought I'd post a couple of shots. Everybody's always swapping out these kinds of parts and I thought one or two folks might find it mildly interesting.

Mar-24-2006, 3:05pm
yeah, Mark... any newer pics of the bowlback??

J. Mark Lane
Mar-24-2006, 3:06pm
Oh, you'll be hearing about it, I'm sure. Here's a little teaser I got from Brian just the other day:

Lane Pryce
Mar-24-2006, 3:44pm
J Mark I like the Stanley much better without the pickguard although I do like the Gibson Grovers. Just curious did you consider Gotohs? Andrew Mowry will be installing Gotohs on my new A. Never tried a set before. Lp

Mar-24-2006, 3:47pm
That bowl gets better and better looking, J. Mark!

Mar-24-2006, 10:49pm
J Mark...Did you notice any perceived increase in volume or, especially, any increase in brightness of the E strings? I had considered a similar tailpiece change.

J. Mark Lane
Mar-25-2006, 7:42am
Lane -- I have had a couple of mandolins with Gotoh's. I thought they were about as good as any others. I used the Grovers here because that was what the mandolin had originally, so it was an easy fit.

Dusty -- Hard to tell at this point. I changed several things at once, plus new strings, etc. Plus the mando sat for a week with no strings on it, and probably needs to be played for a few days now. Still, what I do think I hear is a bit more of a "refined" tone now. A bit less "edge" ane a bit more "clarity." It's a nice tone, but I've never had a complaint about the way this mando sounded. My big concern was it wouldn't sound as good with the new tp. Jury is still out.

Jim Garber
Mar-25-2006, 10:20am
What are those doo-dads at the end of the fretboard on the bowlback?


J. Mark Lane
Mar-25-2006, 10:37am
Those are doo-dads.

Jim Garber
Mar-25-2006, 12:12pm
Those are doo-dads.
I guess that is the technical term. I wonder if they will get in the way of wailing away on this thing. That would be the place that I would chop. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif


Guitar Jeremy
Mar-25-2006, 6:40pm
Gorgeous instrument looking even better.

Mar-26-2006, 10:57am
I think we have a 2d image of a 3d thing... I wouldn't be surprised if those doo-dads are well under the plane of the strings.

Jim Garber
Mar-26-2006, 11:17am
I think we have a 2d image of a 3d thing... I wouldn't be surprised if those doo-dads are well under the plane of the strings.
I think you are correct. I was thinking of std bowlback construction where the neck is not cantilevered over the top.


J. Mark Lane
Mar-26-2006, 11:27am
Karen is of course correct. I assumed Jim was joking about the chop, though. I don't think there'll be a lot of "chopping" going on with this thing (I'm trying to learn a Handel piece to justify owning it <g>).

How about that doo-dad in the soundhole, eh? Brian made that thing. Not to mention the carving on the headstock, which of course he also did. This guy's talents are remarkably broad.

Jim Garber
Mar-26-2006, 11:45am
Any ETA on that bowlback? I must know in case I need to change my schedule for my visit.

... and yes, I will bring the chops http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif


Mar-26-2006, 9:28pm
Mark, I think the soundhole doo-dad actually is called a rosette. It's either that or doo-hickey.

Mar-26-2006, 9:36pm
could you call it a doodette then? http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif

J. Mark Lane
Mar-27-2006, 9:23am
Any ETA on that bowlback? ...
I've never asked, and don't intend to. It will be done when it's done. I've made clear to Brian that as far as I am concerned if it has to sit for a month while he chews on an idea, that's fine with me.

Karen, I reckon you're probably right about the doodette. Sure is purdy, whatever it is.

Jim Garber
Mar-27-2006, 9:47am
Too bad that Brian has eliminated his "in progress" page. I laways enjoy looking at it and seeing what he is up to.

I have a feeling that he is too busy building to bother with photography and his web site.


Mar-27-2006, 11:06am
Jim-- I'd encourage you to let Brian know how much you enjoyed his "in progress" page... I did too, and miss it. I know he went through a move this winter and with his equipment and gear scattered, it interrupted the steady flow of pics. I think it's a combo of an interrupted habit and being busy. But he is generally open to feedback.

I think he's really a guy who follows his muses and works in creative spurts (on instruments as well as website and whatever else he does).