View Full Version : Where can I get Grover tuners?

Ward Elliott
Apr-05-2004, 1:21pm
Does anyone know how to get a set of Grover mandolin tuners with the black buttons? Rolfe Gearhardt told me that he gets them direct from Grover and that they should have some more, but I can get no response from Grover when I e-mail them and they show no phone # on their website. Any ideas? #Thanks........Ward Elliott # Elliott Mandolins

Ward Elliott
Apr-05-2004, 1:25pm
Sorry, I forgot to say that I need gold A model tuners with the black buttons.......Ward

Michael Lewis
Apr-06-2004, 1:12am
OK Ward, try 216-391-1188 and talk with Richard Berger

Ward Elliott
Apr-06-2004, 12:52pm
Thanks a lot Michael, I'll give him a call! # # # #Ward

Mando Medic
Apr-08-2004, 8:41am
Ward, I have some black ebony Grover buttons in stock if it just comes down to that. Email me at kenc@wvi.com. kenc