View Full Version : Kruger Brothers

Andrew Reckhart
Apr-05-2004, 1:17pm
I have been hearing about Jens banjo skill for a few years now, but had never seen or heard them. I woke up especially early (4:00 am) this morning and turned on the TV. On WQED Pittsburgh there was a live performance (taped of course) by the Kruger Brothers! All that I can say is "Holy Moses" can those guys pick!!!!! At the risk of sounding blasphemous, they made so much music with a Guitar Banjo and Resonator Bass that I didn't realize that they didn't have a mandolin for about the first 3 songs! It isn't exactly traditional Bluegrass, but Both of the Krugers can tear up their respective instruments! I found a new love and appreciation for the banjo that I'd never felt before! I wish that they'd hook up with Sammy or some other high energy progressive grass mando picker and really "Gitter Dun!"

Tom C
Apr-05-2004, 1:27pm
They are really great. Funny as heck, and definately ex-dead heads. Their CD Carolina Scap Book is killer. Tons of guests -many who I do not know. Great liner notes. About 4 years ago at Grey Fox, Michael Cleveland joined them on fiddle and they did an Orange Blossom Special that just sent chills up and down my back.

Tim Saxton
Apr-07-2004, 8:43pm
Go to Merlefest this year and get submerged in their stuff. Great fella's. Got to pick with Jens last year there.