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Apr-04-2004, 8:23pm
I caught a glimps of Don Paines most recent F5 the other night. It's got a Black top [The first Pomeroy with a Black Face], and will have all gold hardware. It's gonna look sweet! If I get a chance to play it before it leaves the house, I will (and will report back on how it sounds).
I think this will be going up to Sandy Munro at Great Divide in Aspen, unless someone swoops on it before it leaves the house. I would expect it will be priced over 3.5K

This might be highly collectable being the first black face pomeroy.

Also, Janet Nelson from Carbondale got #45. A beautiful and fantastic sounding F5. I heard her play with the Last Minute String Band here in Carbondale Friday night. #45 sounds great, and it was a treat hearing Janet play those old time tunes ... Now we can REALLY hear her play!

Apr-05-2004, 1:07pm

That black face Pomeroy is #47. It is going up to be for sale at the Great Divide, where I am certain it won't remain long. The last Pomeroy sold in less than a day!

For the record...#46 is an A5, owned by Andy Furlow down in Georgia. He also has F5 #41. I have F4 #31, just ten after your Blackjack.


Kevin K
Apr-05-2004, 2:59pm

Apr-05-2004, 3:06pm
for anyone looking for an f4 without the wait, i saw one on don's site that is available.

Apr-05-2004, 3:10pm
Did he raise his prices without updating the site? Why would someone pay 3500 for a mando from Great Divide, when you can get one made for you from the builder for 2500? Is this a different Pomeroy.http://www.pomeroyinstruments.com/specifications.htm


Apr-05-2004, 3:10pm
I haven't seen any pictures of the black face yet. It was still drying when I saw it last.
The F4 Don had at the house is gone now. Not sure who got it.

Ken Sager
Apr-05-2004, 3:16pm
I'm the quickdraw that bought #43 from Great Divide. Let's just say it's fantastic. I'll be showing it off on stage at the Old Blue Memorial Day Bluegrass Weekend in Grand Junction, CO. If any other Pomeroy owners are there please come say hello.

Photos of #43 (http://www.greatdividemusic.com/PomeroyF43.html)
Old Blue Memorial Day Bluegrass Weekend site (http://www.seamanevents.com/oldblue/index.html)

Apr-05-2004, 4:06pm
Well, there's always the chance that the price will go up. I can't comment really ... that's Don's business.
Yo Ken, how is #43 working out for you? I heard you are really enjoying it. I'm hoping to make it over to the Old Blue for at least a day. It's only about 1.5 hours from bonedale. I have a bunch of plans, and tickets for other festivals this spring-summer already.

Apr-05-2004, 4:17pm
Ken, what is the name of the band you will be playing with?

Apr-05-2004, 4:27pm

it said "start". they start at $2500. when i priced one with a one piece big leaf maple back, red spruce top, bindings on front and back it was a bit over $3200.

ya gotta start somewhere.

Apr-05-2004, 4:31pm
The available F4 listed on Don's site is mislabeled as #35, it's actually #31 and I got it. It is fantastic. The tone is big and whompy.


Apr-05-2004, 4:33pm
I work for Sandy at the Divide on the rare occasion and I had a chance to play #43. It is a fantastic sounding mandolin, and the sunburst is beautiful. I can only imagine how it sounds now that it has some playing time on it.

Apr-05-2004, 4:56pm
I can't wait to hear about how your mandos are sounding in another year or so ... you are going to freak out when they really open up. It's an amazing thing. I love seeing the expression on Don's face when he plays Blackjack now ... He looks very happy.

Ken Sager
Apr-05-2004, 5:51pm
After one week of daily play (2-3 hrs/day) #43 was a different mandolin. It really sounds old, dry, woody, and rich. I thought it was lacking volume at first, but no more. My wife thought she'd never like another mandolin after my Collings, but when I A/B them for her she now compares the Collings to a Beaujolais and the Pomeroy to a Cabernet. Her words, I swear. I get compliments on the sunburst, inlay, wood, and the tone. It's really a gorgeous instrument.

I don't regret buying from Sandy instead of direct from Don, and I feel I got a good price. This mandolin had exactly what I wanted and I knew it when I saw it. If I hadn't bought it somebody else would have and they'd be raving about it now instead of me.

John, I'm playing with Around the Bend in Grand Junction. Two sets on Saturday (even though the website says just one Saturday set), one gospel set Sunday morning. Look me up if you're there.


Apr-05-2004, 6:12pm
Ken, I knew you were going to be happy with that mando. Hope to see you over in GJ.
I'm going to start another thread about Pomeroy's and strings. Catch'a there.

Apr-21-2004, 9:37am
well, #47 is out at the great divide. #has anyone played it? #let me know. #i'm getting excited about my #51 and i have only been waiting a couple of weeks.


Apr-22-2004, 6:51am
#47 is on it's way to me. the photos of it look great and i love the black top. i'll let you guys know how it plays after i get my hands on it. thanks for the advice Hunter! phil