View Full Version : Lefty Mid-Mo M! with Ebony upgrades

Mar-19-2006, 1:55pm
but I just had to share it. I am so proud of my new baby!


Baron Collins-Hill
Mar-19-2006, 3:13pm
looks really nice

lets see the back


Mar-19-2006, 4:34pm
Here is the back. The light spots are just swirls in the grain that don't even show up until the bright sunlight hit them from an angle. The line down the middle is definitely in the grain and looks pretty cool to me. Again, barely shows in normal light. I am going to follow Matts lead and get me a black strap for this puppy.I think it will look great with the ebony fretboard and black binding. BTW, did you see my other post about Maine? Love that area of the country. I use to vacation at Whisperwood when I lived in Massachusetts.


Mar-19-2006, 5:43pm
Hey, your strings are on backwards ;)

I thought I was lookin' at the mirror image of mine.