View Full Version : is this a Stromberg Voisenett ?

Mar-17-2006, 2:37pm
i picked this up on ebay a few weeks ago.
it was sold as a Stromberg Voisenett ...
can anyone confirm this ? Is it 20īs 30īs or what ?
it has a bent solid spruce top...similar to Martin Mandos
it has real binding (not painted) on top and back ( so not a cheapo way back then) and interesting "small size" dots ....

your help ( JIM ? ) is very much apreciated

Mar-17-2006, 2:38pm
here is the complete mando

Mar-17-2006, 2:38pm
aaaaaarrrgghhhh the photo http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Mar-20-2006, 2:46pm
Looks like it could be, may also be Regal or Larsen. How does it sond and play?

Mar-24-2006, 1:50pm
this mandolin is quite small with short scale and overall it feels very lightweight

I like the sound ( though not very loud) and use it for Ragtime songs

here it is next to a Gibson to compare size....

still hope that others can confirm whom the manufacturer might have been