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Mar-16-2006, 11:38pm
Howdy, here is the back (you can see the sides and the top too)...yes there is still much work to do...but what do you think of the appearance of the wood.


Ok, I have added several pictures down through the responses. Take a look. Thanks

Mar-17-2006, 12:53am
Hey Denny

No picture? The link asks for a userID and password. Do you have the little program to resize the pictures? Do a search on posting pictures.

Here is a link to help. Try method 3, it is very easy.

Picture posting instructions (http://www.grandmainger.com/picpost/resize.htm)

Good luck

Mar-17-2006, 1:23am
One more and if it works, I'll delete the smaller ones

It worked so I deleted the others

Mar-17-2006, 1:26am
Thanks Danny...I had to use the powerpoint instructions. I have several photo editors and have used them many times for powerpoints at the church and for many slide presentations, etc. But for some reason, no matter what I did, it wasn't working. The PPT instructions worked fine, just needed to learn how to set the size. Thanks,

Mar-17-2006, 3:24am
Looks like it has the makins! Here would be a good place to see someone jump in about how to accentuate those lines, which normally seem to minimize in the staining process. Bringing out the strong contrast in a flame or quilt seems fairly easy, compared to accentuating the growth layers.

If you can bring it out, it out to be a dandy!


Lane Pryce
Mar-17-2006, 9:42am
Denny that is some really nice looking figure in there. Good luck with your mandolin. Lp

Mar-17-2006, 11:08am
Nice Start! Is that Big leaf?

Mar-17-2006, 12:21pm
Believe it or not, it is from Birdseye Maple...there is another mandolin being built with the piece that has all the "birdseyes" in it. It looks really good. It was amazing to see one pieve of wood with so much varaiety from one end to the other. One side had much of the birdseyes the other side had all this figure. Anyway, hopefully it will sound great...that is all that matters really. Then down the road, we can start to get fancy and make all the lines and finish beautiful on another mandolin or two or more. MAS big time!

Mar-17-2006, 2:02pm
earlier pictures

Mar-17-2006, 2:04pm

Mar-17-2006, 2:06pm
and one last picture...for now

Mar-17-2006, 2:11pm
In the last picture, you can also see a quilted back that is going to a guy in central Texas. It is beautiful. I almost chose that wood for my mandolin but I wanted something different than most people have. I am also going to have a burgundy finish with tortoise binding. I am not going to have any inlay on the mandolin. I am not going to put a pick guard on it. For now, I am going with the traditional style tail piece, but may add the Bill James piece later. I am using gold hardware with Shaller tuners. I know it will be a great mandolin and a much better mandolin than my Washburn, though I have really enjoyed learning on the Washburn. I will keep it and teach my kids. One of my daughters already can play a few chords...but I am trying to get her to play the violin...she wants to...and will start in school with lessons next fall...I bought her a cheapy and she has played a little with the kids lessons from Homespun. Anyway, she like the mandolin too...both of my girls like it...the youngest is just 4 but she would "play" it every day if I let her. Anyway, hope you like the pictures.