View Full Version : Post a pic of your Apitius

Mar-15-2006, 10:31am
Didnt find a post a pic of your Aptius so I thought I would start one. I dont own one, but really fond of Olivers work. Plus if you got one show it off.

dave waite
Mar-23-2006, 4:02pm
Here's the only picture I have. It's of my 1997 grand classic. My dig. camera is REALLY old &low resolution, so this doesn't really do justice. Someday I'll get a new one & get some decent pics. Oliver's website has some beautiful pics under the wallpaper section.

dave waite
Mar-23-2006, 4:05pm
Here's one of the back. Same disclaimers as to pic quality apply, but as you can see, he does some very nice work.