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Doug Edwards
Mar-14-2006, 6:28pm
I helped my friend John Storey get an abreviated pick guard from Steve at Cumberland Acoustics. John has a '95 Weber signed F5L with block finger board inlays.

Doug Edwards
Mar-14-2006, 6:29pm
The back has a very nice flame.

Doug Edwards
Mar-14-2006, 6:31pm
John insisted on using the origional pick guard brace on his abreviated pick guard. He's 83 so i guess he old enough to do what he wants.

Doug Edwards
Mar-14-2006, 6:38pm
John was a professional photographer and took this photo of Bill while in Bransom, MO.

Doug Edwards
Mar-14-2006, 6:39pm
Kinda funny, John was the official photographer for the Lake Whitney Beauty Pagent. This photo was on the back of Bill's photo.

Lane Pryce
Mar-14-2006, 7:51pm
What a babe!!! Doug thats just too funny. Lp

jim simpson
Mar-14-2006, 8:55pm
"This photo was on the back of Bill's photo".
After reading "Can't You Hear Me Callin", it seems appropriate. I'm sure Bill would approve!

jim simpson
Mar-14-2006, 8:56pm
That photo almost qualifies for "women with mandolins".

Mar-14-2006, 9:39pm
I believe that girl's a lefty.....is that, by chance, Caballo Resovoir in the background? And what is the flotsam behind her?

Doug Edwards
Mar-14-2006, 10:08pm
Lake Whitney (Texas) swim area near the dam. The floats are sitting on dry land right now due to the drought.