View Full Version : Quadrille Tunes

Nathan Sanders
Mar-14-2006, 5:54pm
Does anyone have ideas for tunes which would be good to play for a quadrille? Thanks.

Fred Keller
Mar-15-2006, 8:57am

You might check out forum.sugarinthegourd.com. It's an old-time discussion group. Not as much action as here, but they might know the answer to this.

Jonathan Reinhardt
Mar-15-2006, 9:48am
The fiddle player in my Cajun band has studied quadrilles, and has recently connected with a well known scholar of the form. Apparently, at least what I understand, there is considerable confusion re: what is and what is not quadrille. I will get you this gentleman's name and contact info and send it on to you.

Jonathan Reinhardt
L'il Orphans

Nathan Sanders
Mar-15-2006, 10:29am
Thanks all! Keep it coming.