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Apr-03-2004, 9:30pm
Just wanted to share my enthusiasm for CherryHomes. I just received their latest release "Bluegrass Vagabonds" a week ago and it has not left the CD player. I saw them perform last year in Old Forge at a bluegrass festival. Cherryholmes (for those that don't know) consist of mom, dad, their two sons and two daughters. All play instruments, and all sing. Several even can play several instruments. Cia, the banjo player, also can play mandolin, and dobro. The youngest, Molly, has performed fiddle on other well known artists albums. One of the boys wrote an instrumental that is on the album at quite a young age. Impressive. We attended their workshop as well. They perform in the single mic style and are extremely entertaining to watch. Sandy Lee, the mother and mandolin player, was a teacher and taught all of the kids to play. They tour in a 1960 GM bus, and left everything they had to travel and perform. They have earned the top nomination for the SPBGMA entertaining group of the year. Jimmy Martin wrote the liner notes. Check it out here:


Ahhhh, good stuff!

Any other reviews of this wonderful group out there ?

J Clark
Apr-04-2004, 2:32am
Yes Whitebird,
This is a fine band. I don't know if I have ever seen so much talent in a family band. I had the pleaseure of meeting them in St. Louis Area at the Gateway City Indoor BG Music Festival. I was playing up there with Jim Hurst. I really enjoyed them and was at their album release party at the Gibson Bluegrashowcase in Shopryworld. They autographed a CD for my Granny Clark. Sweet kids I tell ya.

Apr-04-2004, 4:36pm
Saw them Live also.. One great family band. They are great

Kevin K
Apr-04-2004, 4:55pm
At a visit with Steve Huber a couple of weeks ago, I saw Cia backup Huber banjo. Vice nice and the sound was killer.

They are a good group and a inspiration to see.