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Ken Sager
Mar-10-2006, 12:53pm
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Ken Sager
Mar-10-2006, 2:41pm
Ok, 100+ views and no comments?

Lane Pryce
Mar-10-2006, 3:57pm
I'm Stunned. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/rock.gif Lp

Milan Christi
Mar-10-2006, 4:14pm
I really like that sound clip! Very nice piece of music, indeed!

Ken Sager
Mar-10-2006, 5:01pm
I'm Stunned. #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/rock.gif # Lp
Stunned? Why?

Thanks, MC.


Lane Pryce
Mar-10-2006, 5:40pm
Ken your Pomeroy is really sounding off in that Mp3. I don't think I could bear to part with it!! Oh yeah --- I'm stunned because its made it this long without a taker. That F5 is gonna make someone very happy. Good luck with the sale. Lp

Mental Floss
Mar-10-2006, 6:41pm
How much?nevermind found it in classifieds.

Tom Smart
Mar-10-2006, 6:46pm
Ken your Pomeroy is really sounding off in that Mp3. I don't think I could bear to part with it!!
It's a scam! Ken could make a tennis racket sound good!

Actually, I've played this mando, and can attest that it's a sweet player, even with with someone like me driving.

Mar-10-2006, 6:50pm
Ken - what a nice mando, are you selling the Pomeroy to finance another purchase?

Mar-10-2006, 7:58pm
Lets see...it looks beautiful, has the sound people spend years trading mando's to get.

I sure hope your not selling this to pay the tax man.

Someone is going to get a great deal and a great mandolin.


Mar-10-2006, 10:54pm
Is it because you might be getting that Arches F5?

Ken Sager
Mar-11-2006, 4:38am
JLP, it's me, not the mandolin that was off. I'm usually way off.

$2850 shipped, Mental Floss.

Thanks, Tom, but I'm even worse at tennis.

Paul, no, the sale won't go toward another mandolin.

Fuzzy, 'tis the season, but no.

There is no MIGHT about my pending Arches F5, berkeley. I put money aside for that when I ordered it months and months ago. That money hasn't been touched and won't be touched until Chris says go. When I saw Chris' early work and spent a day talking with him in person I knew he'd be building my next mandolin. I'm more convinced it was a smart decision after seeing his latest work.

Simply put, I'm selling because I don't want six mandolins. Other instruments have been sold already, mostly guitars, but I'll probably keep liquidating until I can fit all my instruments in two cars. Since I own two basses they'll have to be big cars. For some MAS is a syndrome, for others it's a sickness.

Hopefully somebody will recognize the Pomeroy for the bargain it is and enjoy it.


Mar-12-2006, 5:45pm
For some MAS is a syndrome, for others it's a sickness.
Step one is in the can - 11 more to go. Good luck.

fatt living-in-a-parallel-universe dad

Ken Sager
Mar-15-2006, 3:42pm
*** Shameless Self-Promoting Bump ***

It's still available. Any interest? Suggestions for the seller are welcome.

Love to all,

Scott Tichenor
Mar-15-2006, 4:09pm
Folks, leave the classifieds to the classifieds please. We can't host every mandolin for sale on the message board. Thanks.