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Lane Pryce
Mar-10-2006, 9:16am
Here a few photos of the rim construction Andrew sent. Thought I would share in the birth of my Mowry A. Lp

Lane Pryce
Mar-10-2006, 9:17am
Ribs in the form.

Lane Pryce
Mar-10-2006, 9:18am

Lane Pryce
Mar-10-2006, 9:20am
Completed rim. top,back and neck carving in progress. Lp

Dave Gumbart
Mar-10-2006, 9:37am
Lane, just wait until the carving begins! That's when I really realized "hey, there's a mandolin in there. MY mandolin!" Congratulations, and I look forward to watching your instrument come together (especially with that quilt you posted before - that's just nuts).


Mar-10-2006, 9:49am
Nice "step-by-step" photos - keep 'em comming.

Lane Pryce
Mar-10-2006, 10:33pm
Crazy Good Quilt for the back. Lp

Lane Pryce
Mar-10-2006, 10:34pm
And ribs. Lp

Mar-10-2006, 10:47pm
Beautiful. I've been admiring Mr. Mowry's art for some time now.

AW Meyer
Mar-11-2006, 12:33pm
I just discovered Mr. Mowry's web site today. It features a fascinating photo tour through his mandolin building process. I was very impressed.mowry (http://mowrystrings.com)

Mar-11-2006, 3:07pm
It's looking real good Lane. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Keep the pics coming...

Lane Pryce
Mar-15-2006, 4:49pm
Here are a few more pics I received from Andrew today. The mandolin is coming along rather nicely. Lp

Lane Pryce
Mar-15-2006, 4:50pm
Carving the top plate.

Lane Pryce
Mar-15-2006, 4:51pm
Top with F holes.

Lane Pryce
Mar-15-2006, 4:52pm
Attaching the back to the rim.

Lane Pryce
Mar-15-2006, 4:53pm
Gluing in the tonebars.

Lane Pryce
Mar-15-2006, 4:54pm
Shaping the tonebars.

Lane Pryce
Mar-15-2006, 4:55pm
Finely sanded interior of the back and finished top.

Lane Pryce
Mar-15-2006, 4:57pm
Top with binding channel.

Lane Pryce
Mar-15-2006, 4:59pm
Back with binding channel.

Lane Pryce
Mar-15-2006, 5:00pm
Top with binding.

Mar-15-2006, 5:05pm
the figure on that back is really stunning... can't wait to see it finished!

Lane Pryce
Mar-15-2006, 5:32pm
Did you notice the figure in the two point Andrew is working on? Sweet!!! Lp

Lane Pryce
Mar-20-2006, 6:55pm
I was looking at the figure in my Mowry mandolin and if I say so myself Andrew did a superb job bookmatching the quilted halves. Can't wait until its ready! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/mandosmiley.gif

Dave G you should be getting your Mowry anytime now. Post pics of the new addition with a full report!!! Lp