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Jan-26-2004, 2:05pm
Andrew Collins and The Foggy Hogtown Boys are recording a live bluegrass album Thursday February 5 the Lula Lounge in Toronto. Andrew is a great mandolin player that some of you may have heard with the Creaking Tree String Quartet, or as a duo with guitarist Marc Roy. #He is also a member of the new Emory Lestor Set. #Any fan of the mandolin, or bluegrass that is anywhere near the Toronto area should go and check this show out. #Here are the details

Price: #$12.00

Lula Lounge

1585 Dundas West


(416) 588-0307

South side of Dundas, a little more than a block west of Dufferin.

Jan-27-2004, 4:30pm

Man if I still lived in Grimsby, I'd be there! However, North Carolina is just too many miles of freezing-rain-covered-southern-roads away at the moment!

Feb-01-2004, 2:20am
Hi Craig!

Hope all is well your way. Wish Andrew well for me; 'fraid I won't be back in Ontari-ari-ari-o until the following week, up Ottawa way.

Keep on picking!

Feb-05-2004, 8:42am
Just a quick reminder that this show is tonight. #Hope to see you all there. #

Jason - good to hear from you. #too bad you can't make the show. #enjoy your time in Ottawa (I am assuming this trip is a just a visit). take care