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Mar-08-2006, 4:03pm
Here's my Mid-Mo M1 with ebony upgrade and The Bailey Strap - black leather double-braid strap from Loren Bailey.

http://img131.imageshack.us/img131/48/m1fronttopdown1rb.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

http://img529.imageshack.us/img529/9700/m1back5ez.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

http://img54.imageshack.us/img54/9031/m1tunersside1kr.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Mar-08-2006, 4:52pm
The M1 is supposed to have mahogany back and sides?

Mar-08-2006, 5:02pm
here's a homemade strap, 4-strand round braid...

Mar-08-2006, 5:21pm
Right you are. I was, er, testing you to see if you knew what I was talking 'bout #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif I went ahead and changed it so as not to confuse myself.

Mar-09-2006, 12:08pm
Here is one of Randy King straps.

Mar-09-2006, 12:20pm
how killer is that combo!!!?

b.pat, that is a stunning mandolin and strap. I think I need to wash the drool off my keyboard now.

Mar-09-2006, 12:41pm
Here's a crummy picker with a crummy mandolin with a crummy strap.

Mar-09-2006, 12:57pm
Jesus wept!

Scotti Adams
Mar-09-2006, 1:08pm
Heres a pick of the deer-hide strap that I got from Randy King a month or so ago..nice strap....Yea..Alan..I agree hes not much of a player...nice strap tho http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif

Mar-09-2006, 1:16pm
Hey, that Randy King strap would look nice with my next mandolin (right, John, or can you see the picture?) # http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif


Mar-09-2006, 10:06pm
My Breedlove with a Loren Bailey strap - any guy with the name Loren has to okay #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif

Loren Bookbinder


Mar-09-2006, 10:28pm
kyblue, I can get you in touch with Randy. He sells on here, but I have his information. I have 3 of his straps although, I'm selling one to a friend this weekend, so I'll have to get another off of him.

Mar-10-2006, 9:54am
Thanks, Ron. The mandolin I'm speaking of (Black faced oval hole flat top, quilted maple top/sides/pickguard) is still at the concept stage, so it's nothing I need anytime soon.


Martin Jonas
Mar-10-2006, 12:27pm
Just to link the strap thread with the one on harp mandolins (http://www.mandolincafe.net/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=27;t=32934), the photo below is from <a href="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEOTECH-SUPER-PADDED-MANDOLIN-STRAP-A-OR-F-STYLE-gnms_W0QQitemZ7395030840QQcategoryZ7266QQ
&lt;br&gt;rdZ1QQcmdZViewItem" target="_blank">this</a> Ebay listing, offering the strap, but not the mandolin for sale...


Mar-10-2006, 4:08pm
Here is a one I made for my Eastman. I have a second one completed and will post it in the clasifieds as soon as I take pictures of it.

Mar-12-2006, 1:32pm
New strap going up on classified section.
Inspired when repent wanted a christian themed strap. Couldn't quite get the lettering style right for Repent but decided to carry on with the idea.

Jerry Byers
Apr-02-2006, 10:21am
This is my new strap from Lauren Dudenbostel. It has a core material to prevent stretching. Very nice work.

Apr-02-2006, 3:58pm
Pat, that strap matches you Driftwood #6 perfectly! #Did you happen to find it in those colors or did you have it made? #Here is mine. #Actually found this strap(?) laying on the ground at a local lake when I was fishing one day. #This mando is for sale by the way, in the classifieds and on Ebay.

Apr-15-2006, 3:47pm
My new Bailey Strap . . .

http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/8310/buttonabstrap47it.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Apr-15-2006, 5:15pm
Looks great on there alespa.


Apr-15-2006, 6:07pm
Matt, I love the multi-color! I see you went with the nickel strap button too....looks just great!

Apr-16-2006, 10:22am
Are the Bailey straps comfortable? Anybody tried the parachute chord? Is it comfy & does it stretch?

Doug Edwards
Apr-16-2006, 11:43am
My new Bailey strap. I have not had much time to do much more than put it on. Looks good though.

Apr-16-2006, 11:49am
Handwoven f5joe-made strap:


Apr-17-2006, 10:35pm
Are the Bailey straps comfortable? Anybody tried the parachute chord? Is it comfy & does it stretch?
Amandalyn . . . I have two Bailey Straps, a double-braid black one for two shoulders and the triple-braid for one shoulder (gives me an excuse to have two) . . . both are very comfortable. Part of this could be that Mid-Mo's are very light. Even so, I don't really notice the strap after I've put it on. Usually my focus is on playing, listening, and trying to hear that melody line in my head. What I like about these is the quality of the leather, not too soft, not too stiff, not to mention the craftsmanship.

Jason, thanks, I actually like the triple braid being wider by virtue of the braid. Everyone here who's seen it really likes, so I know it's not just me.

Gail Hester
Apr-18-2006, 1:44am
Hereís a strap that I made from a couple old leather belts. I made leather beads so they wouldnít scratch the mando. My husband still uses this one even though he has a pile of fancier ones, go figure.

Apr-20-2006, 2:14am
I'll take some pics of our Dude's tomorrow.
I would try tonight, but I have had a bit too much 18 year old single malt tonight.

Bill Halsey
Apr-24-2006, 3:35pm
This dog leash has been my fav for decades
(good 'nuf for Mon, good 'nuf for me)...

Apr-25-2006, 11:22am
I just put a Kangaroo #Braided #Strap on my Unicorn. #(Purchased the strap from Carmel Music Company.)

Apr-25-2006, 11:27am
... and now #a close up view.

Apr-25-2006, 2:10pm
This dog leash has been my fav for decades
(good 'nuf for Mon, good 'nuf for me)...
Nice looking '5', mind sharing what it is?

Bill Halsey
Apr-26-2006, 3:04pm
Thanks, AlanN -- It's my old beater I made back in the '70s.

Apr-26-2006, 3:16pm
Billbows is SOOOOO modest. He's hands down the best bowmaker in the country, top 5 in the WORLD. The top mando builders should be thanking Bill for making bows. His hands are second to none and if he had continued with Gibsons mando resurection project he would be the most sought after builder on this board and his waiting list would be longer than anyone's. I've sold several of his bows and he is THAT GOOD. Enough can't be said for his abilities, I'm happy to call him a friend.

Bill Halsey
Apr-26-2006, 4:48pm
Mutual I'm sure on that friendship, testore.
And I'd be more than happy to have your waiting list. Talk about hands...

Apr-27-2006, 6:22am
Billbows are you the bill that used to play mandolin with sweet corn in Kalamazoo.

Lane Pryce
Apr-27-2006, 7:37am
Thanks, AlanN -- It's my old beater I made back in the '70s.
Fooled me cause I thought it had quite alot of "Lloyd" appeal to it. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif Lp

Bill Halsey
Apr-27-2006, 12:54pm
Thanx for the thumbs-up, JLP... It's the new camera, actually http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif

Bill Halsey
Apr-27-2006, 1:03pm
Billbows are you the Bill that used to play mandolin with Sweetcorn in Kalamazoo?
Sort of the same, Carles... but some older now.

Apr-27-2006, 1:17pm
I don't know if you remeber but My dad, Ken Hicks and his buddy Bob Tack( the dulcimer builder) use to jam with you every once in a while.

May-11-2006, 8:22pm
thinest morgan monroe strap i could find for my 380s (thanks Mandolin Store), had to modify it (i.e. do some cuttin') to get it just right


May-11-2006, 8:28pm
too long? I found the same thing with a MM strap I bought a while back. IMO 48" is way too long for most mando straps unless you like to sling 'em low. how do you like that thin braid? I almost bought one but was scared away by the length.

May-11-2006, 8:41pm
i like it alot, it's comfortable over both shoulders or just one, which i have switched to with this strap. it was pretty long, but it is thin enough to tie around a strap button so that's what i did and then i cut the loop of the end. now it works perfect. when i get home from work i'll post a pic of how i fixed it to show you what i'm talking about.

if you play an f-syle though, it would work (without cutting) if you used it over both shoulders and put it on the top notch. hope that helps