View Full Version : Red Diamond Oval

Don Grieser
Mar-07-2006, 2:37pm
Oval hole MAS.

Mar-07-2006, 2:45pm

Don Grieser
Mar-07-2006, 2:49pm
That's what I'm hoping. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/mandosmiley.gif

Tom C
Mar-07-2006, 2:49pm
Agreed. Let's see more.

Don Grieser
Mar-07-2006, 2:54pm

Don Grieser
Mar-07-2006, 2:56pm
Long neck/raised fingerboard

Eric F.
Mar-07-2006, 2:59pm
Oh my, yes.

Eric F.
Mar-07-2006, 2:59pm
Don, are you getting that?

Don Grieser
Mar-07-2006, 3:05pm
I was smitten. Will be here Friday. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/mandosmiley.gif

Eric F.
Mar-07-2006, 3:11pm
Well, who wouldn't be smitten? Only the most-hardened scroll-loving, f-hole only type could resist. It's a beauty! Congratulations. I hope you'll let us know how it sounds when you get it. I've been an admirer from afar of Don's work for quite some time.

Mar-07-2006, 3:15pm
Well, who wouldn't be smitten? Only the most-hardened scroll-loving, f-hole only type could resist. It's a beauty!
i'd say it leave those types saying "scroll?" what??

Mar-07-2006, 3:26pm
I tell you what, that is a mighty fine looking mandolin. I almost had Don build me that exact same mando, color and all.

As a Red Diamond owner, I can tell you that you will just love that baby. It's hard to beat the sound that comes out of a Red Diamond, to me it's almost a mix of the vintage Loar with a little bit of newer sounding mandos mixed together.

I wish someone would post pics of a Vintage Red Diamond!

Lane Pryce
Mar-07-2006, 5:53pm
Change the tailpiece and it would look just like a vintage Gibson. Man I just love it. Hope to get myself an oval hole some day. Lp

Scotti Adams
Mar-07-2006, 6:15pm
..it is quite nice looking. Don does great work.

Mar-07-2006, 6:16pm
Interesting location for the strap button.

Jonathan James
Mar-07-2006, 6:40pm
Absolutely gorgeous!

Mar-07-2006, 9:02pm
Drew-ewl! Very beautiful. Great colors. I dig the tailpiece. Can you compare 14 vs 12 fret neck sounds?


Mar-07-2006, 9:39pm
That is one gorgeous mandolin. Love the color - warm and buttery-looking. Who took the photographs?

Mar-07-2006, 11:32pm
OMG I'm in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how is it braced?

Don Grieser
Mar-08-2006, 9:59am
It's X braced. Gryphon took the photos. It's from 1996, #69. I bought #100, an F-5 from Gryphons some years ago and had to sell it when my Gilchrist came in. I got to play ole 100 last year and it's got everything anyone could want in a mandolin. I'm looking forward to spending the weekend getting to know this one. When I talked to Don, it sounded like he has lots of orders for his Vintage model and won't be doing many A's for a while. I got to meet him at IBMA in 1999 and he's about the nicest guy you could ever imagine.

Mar-08-2006, 3:34pm
My MAS is starting to crop up again!!

Gary S
Mar-11-2006, 10:14am
Nice choice of wood for the back. Very authentic.

Don Grieser
Mar-14-2006, 2:55pm
It arrived Friday evening. Saturday night was a blizzard in New Mexico. I played it as much as possible and it's staying here with me. I'd say the high end sounds more refined than my old Gib A, with plenty of bass. The longer scale length definitely affects the sound--maybe it has a touch of the character of the f hole sound, but very sweet. The other mandos have been in the case except to drag them out for comparison. I'm going to see if it has enough guts for the coffee house unamplified tonight.