View Full Version : Gibson Loar era A Snakeheads?

Mar-05-2006, 7:45pm
what is the current market for the Loar era Snakeheads? Are they worth anymore than a non-Loar era? Future???

Mar-06-2006, 9:22am
The snakeheads only occur in the Loar era.. so yes, they are as a rule worth double or more the value of a non-snakehead A model

Mar-06-2006, 12:19pm
For a few examples: #an A4 just sold at Gruhns for $5000 and it didn't even last a day at that price, there was one on the classifieds for $6000; a pretty nice blackface A2 sold on ebay for about $2600. I think you ought to be able to buy a pretty nice A Jr snakehead for about $1500.

Mar-06-2006, 3:21pm
Check buffalo brothers I believe they have a 1925 for $1250

Mar-06-2006, 7:19pm
Loar era was 1922-24.....not 1925, correct??

Mar-07-2006, 3:38am
There are a couple snakeheads that post-date the last signed Loar. Put it this way- they didn't throw the necks on the fire after Lloyd left, they finished up what was left and shipped them!

Mar-07-2006, 7:07am
The 1925 a jr is a snake head. Wether loar was in the building at the time of production or not doesn't really change it's value. I have a '25 A-4 that sounds as good as any '24.

John Rosett
Mar-07-2006, 7:37am
i've always wondered why they went back to the paddle head after the loar era.