View Full Version : Worlds youngest mandolin player

Mar-05-2006, 4:39pm
My youngest grandson has been playing guitar and now mandolin for close to a year he is a little over a year and a half. He calls everything with strings a BA BA, I think it goes back to when he was about 6 months old. He use to hear alot of Barbra Anne by the Boys

I just finished a couple of the mando kits you see all over the place. The A style if from IV the solid electric is off of ebay.

I bought the electric with the intention of practicing a sunburst finish before I attempted it on the A style. But, the wood was to poor of quality and had rotten patched spots all over it so I decided to try to make in look retro.

Next up will be one of Don Kawalek's octave kits maybe a dulcimer then it is going to be from scratch

Mar-05-2006, 4:40pm
The other mando

Mar-05-2006, 4:41pm
Whoops the first pic didn't attach

Stephanie Reiser
Mar-05-2006, 8:40pm
that is really great! And he's got his right hand in perfect position to start playing.
Good to start 'em young. I was always told that I was born with a guitar on my hand. My poor mother!