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Coy Wylie
Apr-02-2004, 7:19pm
I recently purchased a nicely upgraded Weber Bitterroot. It's got great tone and is beautiful to boot. I am very happy with it thus far. However, I'm not so pleased with the case. As to protection, it is great. I carried it on a trip last week with no problems except the guy in the airport who wanted to play it.

My complaint is the tiny storage compartment. My old mando had a rectangled case with plenty of room for extra stuff like tuners, strings, picks, string winders, etc... I had to leave everything out except a polishing cloth and picks. I did manage to take my Intellitouch tuner along by leaving its case behind and folding it at a 90 degree angle.

I don't know whether I should just get used to traveling light or get another case with more storage.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

Scotti Adams
Apr-02-2004, 8:11pm
..its the general rule of thumb that shaped cases, though cool on the eyes, lack ample storage...you may need to look into an oblong shaped case...or like you said consolidate your load...

Jim M.
Apr-02-2004, 8:18pm
You could get a case cover, Small Dog or Colorado. They add protection and have a pocket.

Apr-02-2004, 9:33pm
Over several years I've had the same case issues...we travel quite a bit with a trailer load of sound gear and all of the instruments...I had a rectangular Gibson case for my old F5-L that had great storage and packed well (by that I mean it fit in a logical stack of other cases)...one night the banjo player leaned his case (with banjo inside) against a table...his case fell over and hit square in the middle of the Gibson case...I saw the top of the case actually deflect from the impact...next day I ordered a Calton...I sold my F5-L and bought a new Sam Bush ...it came with a shaped case by TKL (or the equivalent)it's a really poorly made case considering the cost of the instrument inside...my Calton is awkward, heavy and will put a hell of ding in a truck door...but it protects like nothing else I've seen...I'd certainly consider it for an instrument of the quality you're playing...


Mike Bullard
Apr-08-2004, 1:34pm
Just purchased a Travelite Case TL-45. It provides good protection (not as good as Calton) and has enough storage for my tuner, clip for tuner, a set of strings, cloth, picks and strap. It is lighter and comes with a nice back strap. The best price I have found is here. Travelite Case (http://www.centsiblesounds.com/) Good service to. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

John Flynn
Apr-08-2004, 2:23pm
If you don't want to spend all the money on a real case cover, I know some people have had good luck using a case made for multiple tennis rackets as a case cover, particularly the "Dunlop Bullet." It is only about $40, protects your case, provides additional insulation and provides a lot of additional storage. One thing I like is that it also disguises the fact that you are carrying an instrument. That is a personal preference. I don't like getting the "Wut kinna instrument ya got dere?" questions in the airport.

Apr-08-2004, 4:26pm
Wonder if the Dunlop Bullet bag will fit a Calton case? I found them online for $20...heckuva lot cheaper than a Small Dog or similar. The backpack straps would make the Calton a heckuva lot easier to carry and provide some additional insulation as well. Anyone know if they'll fit?


Coy Wylie
Apr-08-2004, 5:48pm
Hmmm... did a search on "Dunlop Bullet Tennis Case" but didn't find anything. If anyone does, please provide a link. Creative thinking there John.

Apr-08-2004, 5:56pm
I found the Dunlop bag here:

Apr-09-2004, 9:41am
I use a case cover that has an extra pocket. Got it from Walmart. They carry a Wilson brand tennis racket bag that just fits over my formed case. Spent an extra $2 for some fabric paint to cover the brand name cuz everyone thought my name was Wilson when they checked it out. Works for me. costs about $12, much cheaper than a new case or case cover from the specialty manufacturers.


Coy Wylie
Apr-09-2004, 9:52am
Great idea and thanks for the link.

Apr-09-2004, 2:17pm
I recently got a new mando with a fitted case....hate it. Am looking for a rectangle replacement.....Although now you guys have me thinking about a cover......