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Jan-23-2006, 10:25am
Hello Folks,

I would like to find some .mp3s of F4 style mandolins. In comparison to F5 what is the general feel / sound of the various F4's out there.

I understand "sound" is very much subjective, as I am looking to get a feel for the general difference.

Thanks to any and all that may have some direction for me.

~shayne http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/coffee.gif

Tom C
Jan-23-2006, 10:51am
F-4 = Tubby and more sustain. Usually cool drone tones on D and G.

Jim M.
Jan-23-2006, 11:10am
Chris Baird has some very nice F4 soundclips at www.archesmusic.com
I'm biased because he has just made me one, but after you hear and see his, you'll want one. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Also, Bill Monroe recorded a few tunes on an F4 or F2. I believe "Big Mon" is one, but there are much more knowledgeable folks here who can say for sure.

Jan-23-2006, 11:26am
Good summary Tom. not bluegrass tone, there is less punch and presence to the note in my opinion. I like that sound too, by the way!

John Flynn
Jan-23-2006, 11:39am
Mike Compton has a video on his website where he is showing off his Gil F4. He goes into a great discourse on the difference between 4's and 5's. Some highlights (in my own words): 5's are better for soloing, 4's better for accompaniment. 5's cut through, while 4's "fill up the room." 5's have an immediate attack, the note is right there, then it decays quickly. 4's have a "delay" before the note is fully there, but the note sustains longer.

John Flynn
Jan-23-2006, 11:46am
BTW, if you really want to hear some good F-oval sounds, a couple of recommendations:

Clyde Curley and the Oxymorons' CD "Old-Time Mandolin Music"

Also, the music downloads on hawksandowls.com. Bruce Ling is actually playing a teens F2, but it is what I think of as the F4 sound.

Jan-23-2006, 4:14pm

Thanks for the tips and websites to check out. For sure a tone different from the F5 work. Kinda neat..... but I am not 100% sure either.

Chris Baird
Jan-23-2006, 6:04pm
Some good music that gives F5 and F4 breaks right next to eachother is the Compton/Long stuff.

uncle ken
Jan-23-2006, 7:29pm
Here's a link (http://www.mandolinproject.150m.com/misc/lits.mp3) to something I did with my F4 on the left and F5 on the right. The F4 is an old Gibson.

Jan-23-2006, 7:45pm

Thats some wild sounds...... I seem to be QT challenged, in tryiing to figure out how to get from R to L side.


John Bertotti
Jan-23-2006, 8:44pm
uncle ken absolutely incredible. I loved it. John

Feb-01-2006, 3:16pm
That is some pretty stuff, sound like that intro was written for a mandolin.
I don't know right from left but it sounds like a F5 stating it out with the intro
and a F4 coming in with the melody to me.

Feb-01-2006, 4:00pm
On Fire & Ready! (http://www.elderly.com/recordings/items/MANDOCRUCIAN-CD03.htm) (65 mins long) - Almost everything mando on it done with a 1923 F4. #In fact I'm not sure whether I had gotten the 1919 A (with the aluminum saddle) at that point, though I remember using the A a lot of the Nordika (Scandinavian music) recording, but those sessions were a year or so after On Fire.

Niles Hokkanen (http://www.btinternet.com/~john.baldry/mando/hokkanen.html)