View Full Version : LoarFest Observations

Feb-05-2006, 7:55pm
1. I'm not sure if I had ever seen a Loar. Now I've played a half dozen or more plus several F4s. COOL!!!

2. Thursday night, the five greatest players on the planet (at that point in time) entertained us to the absolute max.

3. Mike Marshall is kind of like actor/funnyman Paul Sand on steroids. What a player!!!!!

4. I finally really got Mike Compton. Incredible player with attitude and at a workshop on Saturday, turned out to be a the best teacher I've had the privilege to hear.

5. John Reishman, Tom Rozum and Tony Williamson (I had never heard of this monster player) were astounding!!

6. I heard another 25 players just pickiní for fun that made me want to break my fingers so that I would have an excuse for my lack of talent.

7. Iím ready to book for next year.