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Jan-25-2006, 6:55am
Hello, I've been mostly lurking for a fair while but,since I won a Gibson on ebay
recently I thought I might try to harness the power of the board to pin down a model. It was sold to me a an A-Jr but I'm sure thats not the case. Both front and back are bound, it has a paddle shaped head stock with Gibson painted horizontally on it. There is no label inside the body merely the number 750 visible at an angle through the oval sound hole which has no purfling. I was thinking that it might be a 1930s A-1. Rather a nice sunburst top too. Even my inexperienced ears can tell that I've got a great mando here, I'd just like to know a little bit more about it. Thanks,Paul

Jim Garber
Jan-25-2006, 7:42am
Photos will always help to nail the id.


Jan-25-2006, 7:44am
A picture would help, or a link to the item on eBay

Jan-25-2006, 9:02am
Good point, I'll get some sorted.

Jan-26-2006, 9:16am
here are a couple of amateur snaps

Jan-26-2006, 9:19am
and another:

Jan-26-2006, 9:54am
A -00? have a look in the mandolin archives linked from the home page. It looks like some kind of 1930s model with that head stock, back, finish etc.

Jim Garber
Jan-26-2006, 10:51am
As far as I can determine: assuming Gruhn is correct in his model designations, I would say it is a 1933 A-50, one of the earliest ones. They changed to f-holes in 1934.


Jan-26-2006, 10:58am
Thanks guys its certainly the nicest sounding mandolin I've played so far