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Mando Medic
Jan-25-2006, 11:33pm
I have just finished restoration of a 1917 K-4 Mando Cello for a small museum here in Oregon. They through me a curve today when they asked for a vaule for it for insurance purposes. Well I'm out of the loop, have searched every website I can find looking for some comparables. There are non for sale and I have not seen any for sale in awhile. I'm thinking $8K, though I'm clueless. I know Gruhn's will do an appraisal, but at this point, I'll get them a value once I can find a couple of high water marks. Any thoughts? I appreciate your help. Ken Cartwright

Jan-26-2006, 4:55am
I have seen one at elderly a few weeks ago. It was 8.500 and was gone within 3 days....

Jan-26-2006, 8:15am
Hi Ken, I'd say $9,000 would be the basement if it's a museum piece.. H4s and K4s have sold recently around $9k but not in super-duper condition

Jan-26-2006, 8:51am
The one at Elderly was priced at $9500. It sure was pretty! I think Laurence Wexer had a nice example for sale last year that was priced around $8500 if I remember correctly.

-Chris Rorrer

Jan-26-2006, 2:02pm

They are a steal at $10K. There are very few of these models that have survived. I think Weber sell their "Fern" mandocello for $8K.


Bob DeVellis
Jan-26-2006, 2:57pm
For insurance purposes, I think it's customary to assign a value that would be attractive to a potential seller, not one that would represent the best deal possible for a buyer. In the case of something scarce, that might inflate the price above what others have recently sold for. I think the idea is that insurance would provide enough to make it possible to purchase one in a reasonable amount of time, were the original lost, not enough to get one if a great deal came along. FWIW, on Antiques Roadshow, I've noticed that insurance estimates are often half-again or more above auction estimates.

Mando Medic
Jan-26-2006, 8:27pm
Thanks folks for all the great opinions. I appreciate your help. Now I'm looking for a hard case for a K-4. Any ideas? Kenc

Jan-27-2006, 8:02am
Ken- check with sam at pegasus, believe he's got a shell that would fit