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Jan-31-2006, 9:11am
Hi folks

Does anyone have dimensions for the various Vega cylinder back bodies? (mandolin, mandola, cello)

Really useful would be side height at widest point, and at the tail and neck joint as well as body width and length and sound hole dimensions.

(I'm just finishing a prototype ridgeback, and would like to compare as well as get an idea of what step up is suitable for mandola, cello etc)


Jim Garber
Jan-31-2006, 9:17am
I would love to see what your new prototype looks like. Is it an accurate copy of the Vega or a modernized version? Was the back bent, as I believe the Vegas were, or carved, as I believe Rigel did on their copy?

I would contact Paul Ruppa, the director of the Milwaukee mandolin Orchestra paul@milmando.org. He is an expert on these and has many of these instruments.

There are some choice Vegas in the orchestra including a mando-bass. Here (http://www.milmando.org/) is their homepage.


Jan-31-2006, 9:48am
Excellent, thanks for the contact, Jim.

It isn't a Vega clone (though with more info, I would like to try some) but rather my 'take' on the form - hence 'ridgeback' not 'cylinderback'


This was taken some time ago - it has mahogany neck, with macassar binding and fingerboard, sperzel tuners and Allan tailpiece, removed for finishing at the moment. I'll post pics of the full instrument as soon as I can.

It is indeed a bent back - no point making it too easy for myself, after all, I did a whole year's woodwork class (maybe as much as 60 hours?) at school 30 years ago http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif


Jim Garber
Jan-31-2006, 11:25am
Interesting. So, is the top completetly flat (without a cant like the Vegas)? Does it have an induced arch to it?

I would love to see more pics and, of course, the finished instrument, when that time comes.


Jan-31-2006, 11:55am
Yes, it's X braced with an induced arch.

Strung up in the white, it sounded fairly good (but I'm only used to a pacrim acoustic at this scale length) and didn't self destruct, so I'm hopeful for the real deal, which should take rather less time to complete (about 7 months for this one)

The plan is to make mando, cittern and cello using this format, and then try traditional Vega style, a carved top, different rim heights, compound cutaways and a cone sectioned ridge - lots of fun stuff to do. Even toying with a (purely cosmetic) ridge for electrics.

Definitely bitten by the building bug - I have a work bench in the bedroom #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif