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Feb-28-2006, 5:14pm
Just took posession of Bob Schneider's (http://www.schneiderf5.com/) latest at Wintergrass last weekend....

I played the first F4 Bob made at Darrington last year, and after 5 minutes or so decided I have to have him make me one...

These mandolins are kind of a hybrid...
Necks joins the body at the 15th fret, so it's got kind of an F5 feel to it...

It's got those wonderful F4 overtones, however, and sounds great on tape. #In fact, it's one of the best recording mandolins I've ever put a mic in front of...
Looking forward to recording it more...

That's a heavily bearclawed Sitka top....
The picture really doesn't do it justice. #It's pretty wild in person...

Anyway, here's a couple pics...
I'll be getting a new digital camera soon so that I can really get some good detail pics posted...

Feb-28-2006, 5:17pm
The back...

Bigleaf with a bit of "fishbone"...

Love the whiskey coloring...

Feb-28-2006, 5:17pm
Oh, that's dead sexy!

man doh
Feb-28-2006, 5:22pm
Congrats on a real nice looking mandolin. I love the color of the top. More photos if you could

I bought a used Schneider F-5 from Boyd's and am really happy with it. I would say this guy does not get enough props for the instruments he puts out.

Feb-28-2006, 5:24pm
Lookin' good.

Record some clips for us!


Will Kimble
Feb-28-2006, 6:00pm
Wow, the mandolin is beautiful and the wood is unbelievable!!!! Love it!!!!

Will Kimble

Feb-28-2006, 7:10pm
Love that back wood, wild. Is it x braced or transverse?

Feb-28-2006, 7:19pm

That is 1 awesome mando! I have had a desire for an F4 for quiet a while. Would love to hear some .mp3's or flac's


Feb-28-2006, 7:42pm
I also have one of Bob's F5 mandos - mine is quite a good player and I'm sure your F4 plays and sounds as awesome as it looks!!! If anyone is interested in how extemely full the tonality is on one of Bob's instruments, the opening track on my website, "Substance", features my Schneider F. Steven's Web site (http://www.chocteemusic.com)


Feb-28-2006, 8:43pm
In Ice See Eee, That is very attractive.


Feb-28-2006, 9:23pm
Gorgeous Bruce!

Jason Kessler
Feb-28-2006, 9:28pm
That's one of the most beautiful mandolins I've ever seen.

Feb-28-2006, 9:32pm
Bruce, that is SWEET!!! Is the fretboard elevated over the top, or attached like a typical F4? Is that a Newell tailpiece?

BTW, where did Mr. Schnieder get the killer wood? http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif

Feb-28-2006, 10:23pm
Simply amazing!


Feb-28-2006, 10:23pm

Feb-28-2006, 11:29pm
"Is it x braced or transverse? "

The former...

"Would love to hear some .mp3's or flac's"

I'll post something here in the next few days...

"Is the fretboard elevated over the top, or attached like a typical F4?"

It is elevated....

"Is that a Newell tailpiece?"

I believe it is....

"BTW, where did Mr. Schnieder get the killer wood?"

The top came out of a pallet from Safeway, which I thought was pretty cool...

The back was a Bosnian boogie-board in a former life, which is weird considering the type of surf that one does not encounter in those regions...

I milled the sides....



Gail Hester
Mar-01-2006, 12:34am
That is a beautiful mandolin and you sounded great playing it at the mando gathering Thursday evening. I was trying to look it over after you handed it to me but the lights started going off and on at about the same time. Itís weird that I can see it better here than when I was holding it.

Mar-01-2006, 12:39am

That is spectacular!!!!!

Oct-21-2006, 5:30pm
Here's a couple more shots of the Schneider F4 loaded with Mike Blohm's wonderful tuners....



Oct-21-2006, 6:52pm
Bruce - you'll be ready when the F-4 comes back into style!


Oct-22-2006, 9:49am
When? It's never left! That Schneider is an F4 even the most discriminating would love!


Oct-22-2006, 10:24am
Yo Spruce.....bring her to Wintergrass this year, I'd like to play it!

Jerry Byers
Oct-22-2006, 10:38am
Very impressive!

Did you decide on the F5 neck, or was it just offered that way?

Oct-22-2006, 11:46am
"Yo Spruce.....bring her to Wintergrass this year, I'd like to play it!"

Hey Art...
Took the Sheraton hotel $$$$$$$$$$$ and bought 2 tickets to Zihuatanejo...
So-ooo, maybe another time.....

"Did you decide on the F5 neck, or was it just offered that way? "

That's the way he builds them, and they really work with that layout...
They sound like how they look--an F4/F5 hybrid...

Oct-22-2006, 12:11pm
I've always been disappointed more builders didn't do the "long" neck on ovals, I realize it changes the bridge position relative to the thickness of the carving & the bracing, but these can be adjusted.

Anyway, That's a beautiful mandolin!!

Oct-22-2006, 2:57pm
Hey Bruce .....have a nice trip, we'll miss you at Wgrass....you've been a fixture during my trips there......
I did a search & came up with this musical tidbit for you:

Mariachis and various troubadours can usually be found at all the beaches and restaurants and will serenade you to romantic splendor. Their prices vary and are negotiable. They can be hired for private events or simply to serenade a loved one (an old tradition here). Their music fills the air like the scent of fragrant flowers! So please leave your boombox at home! Be sure to ask for the song "Zihuatanejo".

Oct-22-2006, 11:01pm
Hey Spruce,

On the street paralleling the beach in downtown Zihuatanejo there is shop specializing in Mexican coffee. They also had a pretty fair assortment of stringed instruments. When we were there last, they had a couple of mandolins priced at around 350 pesos. Good souveniers!


Oct-23-2006, 10:24am
Hey Art...
Took the Sheraton hotel $$$$$$$$$$$ and bought 2 tickets to Zihuatanejo...
So-ooo, maybe another time.....
There's a bluegrass festival in Zihuatanejo?

Oct-23-2006, 1:56pm
"There's a bluegrass festival in Zihuatanejo?"

There should be...

I think I've done my last "Flourescent Festival"...

Hell, folks travel from all over the place to get to Wintergrass, Weiser, Winfield, etc. etc....

Why not solve the Winter/Bluegrass problem and have the festival at a palapa-strewn beach in Mexico??
Airfare easily = hotel costs, etc., in the States, and you could bet on a tan and some great latenight campfire pickin'.... #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Oct-23-2006, 2:01pm

I like the way you think.


Oct-23-2006, 10:30pm
Bruce - you organize it, I'm there man!