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Feb-28-2006, 3:13pm
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Someone wrote me asking for information on her mandolin, which looks similar to one on a commercial music site:HERE (http://www.bryansmusic.com/PortMando.htm/998771016715)

It’s a “Portugese” mandolin and I have NEVER seen such a wierd tuning arrangement. Perhaps I’ve been sheltered?

To make things even stranger, there’s also a Portugese 12-string guitar on the site with.... you gessed it.... the same type of tuning apparatus!


The limits of the posted pics just won’t allow full justice… you gotta go there and see them! (They’re both marked as sold, sorry.)

Joe F
Feb-28-2006, 3:25pm
Interesting. #But if the loop ends attach to the tuners at the peghead, how are the strings attached to the tailpiece?

Feb-28-2006, 3:25pm
I think those are called Preston Tuners.


Scott Tichenor
Feb-28-2006, 5:26pm
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