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Apr-01-2004, 6:03pm

Here is another midi file so you can hear what CS sounds like:


Craig's original link to the CorknBottleString band is:

http://www.bignew.com/soundcl....fle.mp3 (http://www.bignew.com/soundclips/cd-mp3Corknbottlestringband%20-%20Bignew%20-%2014%20%20CherokeeShuffle.mp3)


ps: My version of Sally should be along in 2 or 3 months... maybe.
If you do not want to keep the porch light on, I will understand. #*sigh*

Apr-01-2004, 8:16pm
OzArkie, i have a back porch light that comes on when someone approaches. I'll leave that on, and will gladly welcome your Sally Goodin in due time! good luck!

Apr-02-2004, 1:42pm
Well, I took the version of Cherokee that Craig assigned to us, transferred it to Melody Assistant (the music program I use most), wrote a harmony part (the one musical thing to do *fairly* well), exported it as a midi and uploaded it to a temporary website I use.

Here's the URL, if anyone is interested...