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Apr-01-2004, 5:14pm
o.k. i gave this Yahoo polling system one more month to try it out.

i like it because:

only project members can vote
each member can only vote once
voters can change their vote up until that last minute
it doesn't take up valuable mainpage bandwidth

i don't like it because:

it's not real easy to find
it requires a visit to a different page

in the end, I'D like to keep it. BUT, if you all would rather we do the voting through the mandolicafe, let me know (soon). unfortunately, ALL cafe members would be able to vote, and you can't change your vote once you've submitted it.

so, let me know which you all prefer. either decision is fine by me. this baby is as much yours as it is mine!


Apr-01-2004, 5:19pm
I like it, good job....

Apr-01-2004, 8:14pm
i like it. obviously it would be nice to utilize the cafe' own stuff, as Scott has graciously allowed us to do (I think), but it [the Yahoo site] has it's advantages [as you listed] where it is.

I have a "My Yahoo" page - it has links to my different fantasy sports pages, but I can't seem to get a "My Groups" section on that page. That would be great. Then I'd have everything I need on the one page.

Apr-01-2004, 8:27pm
I like the yahoo poll for the reasons you stated. I think we all hope around the internet quite a bit anyways.:)

Dave Robson
Apr-01-2004, 9:33pm
Craig, let's continue to use Yahoo. You are doing a great job on this project

Apr-02-2004, 4:57am
I prefer the Yahoo poll too.

I don't get the My groups on My Yahoo either, but I think it's really easy to go to http://groups.yahoo.com page. There I have a mail link too and as soon as I've logged in I get a list of my groups.

Apr-02-2004, 5:10am
you could always put a bookmark to the MP Yahoo!Groups page on your My Yahoo page. like bluegrasstjej said, i don't have a My Groups on My Yahoo! either. not sure that's an option.

Apr-02-2004, 5:21am
I think once you find your way around, the set up is just fine the way it is. I'm glad you took the initiative to even set something like this up Craig. This is what the net is for!

Apr-03-2004, 11:50am
I like the Yahoo poll too Craig. Those of us who find our way here will figure it out. The web practice is good too. Thanks for all that you are doing.


Mike Buesseler
Apr-03-2004, 12:44pm
The Yahoo polling seems fine enough. #What I'd like to see is maybe posting midi's or mp3s of the tune candidates, so everyone can listen to at least one version, and so know what they are voting for. #

I suppose people could (and maybe do) find these on the web on their own, but I'd guess most don't.

I always like to hear a tune played before I set out to learn it (something that takes me FOREVER). #I know CS was posted AFTER the polling, but...well, I guess you get my point. #

That's my $0.02 worth. #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Apr-03-2004, 12:55pm

i agree with your suggestion about posting an audio file for each song. my assumption was that everyone would just listen to the TEF versions of the songs. to put up twelve MIDIs or MP3s for everyone to sample before they vote might eat up too much bandwidth on my server--bandwidth that's better allocated for listening to member recordings, etc. but, it would be handy to have the files all right there in one spot. you got me thinkin' (and that ain't easy to do). i'll give it some consideration and see what i can come up with . . .


Mike Buesseler
Apr-03-2004, 4:36pm
Craig, you don't have to post the actual mp3s, but links to them would be fine. #Midis don't take up enough memory to be an issue. #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif # (Funny how these "smileys" get you. #I never thought I'd use them, but now I'm always grabbing one. #It's hard to take offense to a post that's followed by http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif )

Apr-04-2004, 12:11pm
alright MikeB, MIDIs are up on the mainpage. thanks for the idea!