View Full Version : crosspicking in 3/4?

Feb-19-2006, 1:27am
i'm attempting to incoporate some mcreynolds crosspicking into a song in 3/4. All the good times are past and gone from the andy statman bluegrass mando book. Has anyone had any luck with this, i've found at least two rolls that apparently seem to work in 3/4. If anyone has tried this and has got a roll i'd be grateful if you'd post it up.

John Flynn
Feb-19-2006, 11:33am
I just tried crosspicking on that track. Try this as a fun option. A DUU, 3-1-2 roll with an E string drone, using the following chords (bass to treble):
A = X 11 12 0
D = X 4 5 0 (this is really a D6, but it works)
E = X 6 7 0

Slide up to each change on the D string without interupting the roll.

Jack Roberts
Feb-27-2006, 11:29am
Not what your asking, but my own experience with 3/4:

Count 1 (and) 2 and 3 and
String G----- E A D A
Direction D D U D U

You can get the cross picking effect by moving up the neck, of course, but this works with basic chords as well. It goes well with the song "Dark as a Dungeon" and any 3/4 hymn. It's a very pretty sound.

Feb-27-2006, 12:35pm
I once tried to wrestle some of McReynolds feel into 3/4 for a little kickoff to "before I met you". McReynolds' E over G (6th!) drone helps recognizing where I stole my ideas, but the result was something that is very close to what guitarists call "floating", which was mentioned in one of the crosspicking threads:

(Hedding: note the 1st finger downslide ;)