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Chris Burt
Feb-15-2006, 9:43pm
I though you might enjoy these. They are the first in my Fire series and Wind series.

You can see more images of these instruments at http://www.chrisburt.com/MEntry.htm

Chris Burt
Feb-15-2006, 9:45pm
Oops, clicked the wrong button, here's the image:

Feb-15-2006, 10:51pm
Looks great, Chris. That reminds me, I'm really enjoying your AL articles, and I'm waiting breathlessly for the next one.

Gavin Baird
Feb-16-2006, 9:24am
I agree; The article in GAL is exceptional as are the Mandolins..Gavin

Mike Crocker
Feb-16-2006, 9:51am
Chris...It's great that you're designing around the celtic elements. Four of my guitars include inlays representing earth (12 string with a trillium, my provincial flower), air (6 string baritone with a kingfisher, a favourite bird), fire (bouzouki with the rising/setting sun), water (6 string with a trout, a favourite fish). Great minds think alike, eh!

Peace, Mooh.

Austin Clark
Feb-16-2006, 11:48am
Nice to see the finished product and I like the articles too. #I really like the finish on those. Oil or spirit? Beautiful color.
I also like the non-traditional stylistic approach you have taken. Do you have any close ups of your bridge?

Chris Burt
Feb-16-2006, 6:17pm
Thank you all for the kind words. The articles were fun to write, there are still two in the pipeline. The upcoming part about fitting the bars has some interesting imagery in it. The mandos were a joy to design and build. On to the next. I don't, yet, have a close-up photo of the bridge.

Although the link into the middle of the website worked, I apologize to those of you who couldn't link to the Home Page. I think I've got that bug fixed. Well, back to the shop where a violin and a new Fire await.