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Feb-16-2006, 5:37pm
Beautiful mandolin Tuek. I played a couple of Furch's in a music store in Munich a couple of years ago and I thought they were absolutely beautiful in sound. I wrote them an email and asked about truss rods because I didn't see any and at that time they didn't build them with a truss rod. I still don't think they build them with truss rods, but other than that I absolutely loved their sound. I played a couple of Gibson's that same day and they had a different sound than the Gibson's, but nothing to be ashamed of at all.
Unfortunately we still don't get them over here on this side of the Atlantic very much. They are better known for their guitars than mandolins and I don't believe they have any dealer's in the US.

Thanks for the photos, brought back some fond memories of a couple of beautiful sounding mandolins.

Feb-17-2006, 7:27pm
The ones they make now have truss rods... the one I own does anyway. But it is true they don't have a dealer in USA but I suppose there are already enough brands over there http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif It is a little different in Europe though. I am going to USA in a couple of months for the very first time in my life and I hope to get a change to check out some mandolins.

Feb-18-2006, 9:02pm
I noticed Furk's now has three different levels for their mandolins, 21, 22, and model 23s. Which is this one?

That's neat to find out they have started putting truss rods in them. I loved the tone of them before so I am sure I would like them even more now that it seems they are getting even more serious about them.

Also, where are you going to in the US? just curious.

Feb-19-2006, 6:17am
I played two Furch mandolins in Stockholm this week, one 22 like the one in the pics here (i think) and one 23. They were both very loud, the 23 a bit louder than the 22. The 23 was extremly loud! But I was not very impressed with the tone, I found it to be quite harsh. Not the sweet, round tone that i like to hear in a mandolin. I think it had elixir strings on it, that might be a reason for the harsh tone, I don't know.

I played some Furch guitars too, and found them to sound a bit harsh too. Maybe that's the sound they're going for. Or maybe they haven't been broken in yet. Furch is becoming quite popular here in Sweden, almost every music store sells them now.

(I own a Stanford guitar, which is made by Furch, but I like the tone in the Stanford a lot better than the tone in the Furchs I have played. Don't know what the difference is between the two brands really, maybe the difference in tone is just a coincidence, or maybe I'm just biased.)

dirk van coevorden
Mar-01-2006, 9:31am
Hi there TueK

I own the same model mandolin as you... I bought it in Germany a couple of years ago. I like it a lot since it has a darker tone than my Eastman 615. It has a great chop and and is imo fairly loud. It doesn's quite cut through the band the way my eastman does...

You can see me play it at our website (http://www.tailgators.nl)