View Full Version : headstock inlay

barry k
Feb-09-2006, 11:36pm
We have been putting together some different patterns...what do yall think?

barry k
Feb-09-2006, 11:44pm
sorry 1st 1 a little blurry...cheap camera

Feb-10-2006, 12:39am
I really, really LOVE that flowerpot design. I mean I LOVE it. That is just beautiful and very creative. Nice, classy look going on with it. Keep it and put it on every mandolin you build!!!

Feb-10-2006, 8:16am
I like them both. The deco looking vase is very classy and the wildflower has a great deal of earthy charm. I think they'll appeal to a broad spectrum of potential buyers. It would be interesting to see them with tuners in place. I also like the way you've kept the curve on the headstock top like on your f-style. In my mind I see the flower on an oval hole and the vase on an f-hole model. Cool design work.


Feb-10-2006, 8:23am
The flower is very nice, great job...I like your take of the pot but Im not much of a pot fan. The Bulldog is cool too!

Feb-10-2006, 8:25am
Smart, Barry, Smart!

Dan Adams
Feb-10-2006, 7:53pm
Nice! Go with both! Dan

jim simpson
Feb-11-2006, 12:42pm
I like them both too, Barry! Now, when are going to be back in the Philly area?

barry k
Feb-11-2006, 5:41pm
Thanks for the kind replies, these 2 mando's will be the next 2 finished. Jim, a few friends and myself plan on coming up for the June Windgap festival. Havent been there for almost 10 years now...wow where did the time go?..looking foward to seeing you and the old gang...maybe even a "Rockledge" reunion is possible!...talk to you soon

John M. Riley
Feb-12-2006, 12:01pm

Scott Schmidt
Feb-12-2006, 1:49pm
I like the flowerpot too, but I've always liked flowerpots over ferns, flowers, etc. They both look very nice though!