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Feb-07-2006, 1:30pm
Here is a link to UK builder Paul Shippey's website. He's already in the builders list here. A very nice interpretation of a teens Gibson A; I'd love to play and hear one, especially the black faced spruce/maple one:


(I tried to upload an image too...not sure why it won't work, so take a look at his webpage - you won't be sorry.)


Feb-07-2006, 1:41pm
these are just lovely-- Shippey offers a really nice array of instruments with cool options. Didja see that one mando with both f holes AND a small round hole just below the end of the fretboard... gotta wonder how that'd sound.

Anyone here have experience with Shippey's instruments??

Dave Hanson
Feb-09-2006, 7:20am
I've played a Paul Shippey standard oval hole mandolin for the last five years, it sounds superb, better than a lot of vintage Gibsons,[ I also have two Gibsons ] Paul is without doubt one of the best builders in the UK, in fact you won't get a better mandolin anywhere.

Dave H

Bob DeVellis
Mar-26-2006, 6:44pm
Just wanted to check to see who else has played a Shippey. I've seen some intriguing reviews of these and am very curious. It seems that not many have made it over to the US.