View Full Version : Picture of mandolin I got

Feb-07-2006, 11:09am
If ya play it they'll rub off...lol!

Doug Edwards
Feb-07-2006, 2:25pm
I would hope some of those guys would rub off on me. Good group of players represented.

Mark Walker
Feb-07-2006, 6:46pm

I agree with Doug. But still, the clothing doesn't throw me out of the closet!

Great names on that mandolin - and I get the feeling if your Cafe' handle is a reflection of a certain mandolin player you wish to emmulate, you'll do well! Keep on pickin'! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Feb-07-2006, 8:27pm
If you want to protect the signatures just install a Tone..errr...I mean Signature Guard. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif