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Jan-29-2006, 7:41pm
My first acoustic instrument, a 4-string octave mandolin that looks like a banjo. The x-braced top is from a Lowe's whitewood 1x12. Back and sides are maple. Mahogany neck with maple headstock. I tried making the headstock out of mahogany, but they kept breaking in dramatic ways. Tailpiece, bridge, fretboard and nut are all cocobolo. Anyway here's some pictures.

Jan-29-2006, 7:43pm
Side-ish view

Jan-29-2006, 7:44pm
Beauty and the beast

Jan-29-2006, 7:44pm
A shot of the fretboard

Jan-29-2006, 7:57pm
Neat Looking. What's it sound like?


Lane Pryce
Jan-29-2006, 8:19pm
I was wondering the same thing!! Lp

Jan-29-2006, 9:05pm
It sound pretty guitar-like with less bass. #Sorta plunky but not too banjo-ish. #I was shooting for a Selmer vibe but not really sure I captured it. #Trying to post a sound clip...doesn't look good.

Bill Snyder
Jan-30-2006, 9:09pm
How about a shot of the tailpiece. I am curious about its design.
Edit: I see your post in the Picture of your Tailpiece thread.

Eric F.
Jan-30-2006, 10:15pm
Way cool!