View Full Version : Mandobars Brentrup Stealth

G. Fisher
Jan-29-2006, 2:19pm
I was at Hans shop this morning and I got to play Mandobars mando in the white. I'd be more than willing to take it for a while to play it in and make sure she'd be happy with it. The mando has very little playing time on it and sounds great already and is just plan cool.

pick up the world
Jan-29-2006, 2:23pm
and it sure looks good. I didn't expected mandolins like that of mr. Brentrup.

G. Fisher
Jan-29-2006, 2:33pm
I also got to play my Eclipse that is close to being ready for me to bring home. It also sounds wonderful and has a very cool look.

Scotti Adams
Jan-29-2006, 2:46pm
..those do look cool...are they deeper from top to back than the norm?

G. Fisher
Jan-29-2006, 4:10pm
I don't think they are any deeper than normal. Hans would have to give the final answer on that.

Ken Sager
Jan-29-2006, 5:32pm
Two terrific looking instruments. Congrats to both of you.