View Full Version : doing my time

Mar-29-2004, 11:13pm
Anyone help me? Thanks!

Scotti Adams
Mar-30-2004, 9:56am
..in the key of B natural...B E and G flat...

Tom C
Mar-30-2004, 10:00am
The breaks I believe onlystay on the 1 chord. -From the versions I've heard.

Scotti Adams
Mar-30-2004, 10:03am
..the breaks traditionally have B and G flat...now the NGR's version had a vamp that went to the E..but thats a whole different animal..

Mar-30-2004, 2:45pm
Isn't there a 7th in there (the 4 chord?) when the singer draws out the vocal ("gal of M...I....N....E")?


Scotti Adams
Mar-30-2004, 7:43pm
..yea..if you want....