View Full Version : Rigel Punkin' Top Q-95

Ted Eschliman
Jan-26-2006, 8:41pm
I believe I have dispensation to show pictures of this cool new Pumpkin top Q-95, since it is not for sale. (Poorly kept secret, I keep the good ones for myself, simply because Iím a pig...) This is a dandy Espresso-burst back and sides with a Pumpkin solid finish top.

Ted Eschliman
Jan-26-2006, 8:41pm
This picture of the signature Q corner gives you an idea how the top stops at the transparent side.

Ted Eschliman
Jan-26-2006, 8:42pm
And the other side... I really dig the tortoise-oid pickguard & oval binding.

Ted Eschliman
Jan-26-2006, 8:46pm
The back; note Iím a big fan of the Tone-gard. I have these on all my Rigelís, and they are available through Tony at tone-gard.com (http://tone-gard.com/)

Also, the reflection of the brick wall next to it might be a bit misleading. (There is no alligatoring going on here.)

Ted Eschliman
Jan-26-2006, 8:47pm
A better view of the oval hole...

Jan-26-2006, 8:48pm
Those sure look swell. No fair gloating! Didn't Mrs.Mandohack pass an ordanance stating you had to sell that on off on the cheap to me?

Ted Eschliman
Jan-26-2006, 8:49pm
Closer view of the top. The cream top (con Pana) is still the overwhelmingly popular best seller, but this combination is a nice tribute to tradition while still being a bit of a departure.

Needless to say, it plays like a dream, but due warning, consider the bias of the source! (Not just the president of the Hair Club, I'm a member, too!

Jan-26-2006, 9:07pm
Now that's a color scheme I adore! #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif


Jan-26-2006, 10:05pm
Very nice looking colors Ted. I like it.

Gail Hester
Jan-27-2006, 12:44am
Now we're talking, I really like that one, a perfect balance of tradition and inovation.

Jan-27-2006, 5:54am
Holy Crappolie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Crocker
Jan-27-2006, 6:22am
I still got that 10 year old Nissan I can offer on trade...
Nice looking axe!

Peace, Mooh.

Dale Ludewig
Jan-27-2006, 8:33am
Knock out!

Tom C
Jan-27-2006, 9:34am
At first I did not like that color, but it's growing on me. My first car, a 1972 Toyota corolla (2 speed automatic no less), was that same Gouldens mustard yellow.

Nathan Sanders
Jan-27-2006, 9:43am
I really like the pumpkin color. Recently I got to test drive a Rigel A-style, f-hole and I was really impressed. It was the first Rigel I had ever played. But the Q95 is the model I want and I am really liking this pumpkin color. Someday, when I have the necessary funding, I'll probably be ordering one of these.

Jan-27-2006, 11:51am
This is the best Q95 color I've seen.

Jan-27-2006, 2:00pm
Ted, How thick it that mando at the neck, from back to top of fret board ar the joint and how does that compare to a Gibson copy A with elevated board or A with a flat board? Just curious. I l o v e that color scheme.