View Full Version : george fischer, french mandolinist

Mar-29-2004, 3:37pm
just reading an interview with peter ostroushko that mentions he learned some musettes from a french player in the seventies, by the name of george fischer. besides peter, i've not heard musettes played on the mando, and as i'm trying to do that myself, i'd be interested in hearing other recordings. anyone know anything about this? joe

Joel Glassman
Apr-14-2004, 2:01pm
I suggest listening to Matelot Ferre.
He played rhythm guitar with Django and backed up some of the great Musette players. Check out the recording "Tziganskaia..." which I believe is
in print. I have an out of print recording of him backing up a famous musette player (can't think of his name...)
Matelot's solo pieces are Gypsy waltzes rather than musettes, but the genres intersect. Send me email for more info: mojo@tiac.net