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Mar-28-2004, 11:15pm
I recently bought a Schertler for my Collings and took it to a local bar and plugged in. Granted, the monitor system was loud, but this thing fedback like crazy. We didn't have a lot of time for a soundcheck, so I ended up switching to a Rigel plugged directly to a DI. Not as satisfying, but at least it din't howl in my face.

I'm disappointed that there's still nothing out there that really captures all the dynamics and tone of a mando without feedback. Perhaps in the future I'll use a blended combination of a Pick up the World pickup and the Schertler, but that's a lot of wires hanging off the 'do.

Gail Hester
Mar-28-2004, 11:41pm
There are several open threads about the Schertler but here's a previous post of mine specifically about feedback.

The Schertler PRE-AII preamplifier has a built in resonance feedback filter centered at around 180 HZ which really helps reduce feedback. I use a different pre-amp that fortunately has a similar adjustable filter in the 180-200 HZ range. Iíve noticed that there is a problem with feedback in that area with the Schertler DYN-M so itís good to pass that on to your sound guy and it may save some setup time. Iíve also noticed that you have to really follow the directions for installing the pickup and get a real good seal with the putty or youíll get tons of uncontrollable feedback at higher volumes. If you simply twist and push down to get a better seal, all of that feedback goes away.