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Jan-16-2006, 11:44pm
The NY Times has a short review praising Sarah Harmer's new CD, out in February with a link to her website. The Times mentions the "sprightly mandonlin", and you can see (though the mando solo gets cut off) the video and hear (complete) the cut, "I Am Aglow." The site lists Joey Wright as the mandolinist.
Sarah Harmer web page with "I Am Aglow" (http://www.sarahharmer.com/index2.html)

Rod Freeland
Jan-17-2006, 10:07pm
What an exquisite singer AND a Boteccelian angel!! #The video "Almost" is a positive gas. #Thanks for the turn-on to Sarah Harmer (http://www.sarahharmer.com/index2.html) .

Eric F.
Jan-19-2006, 11:27am
Sarah Harmer rocks. If you ever get a chance to see her live, do it. I was lucky enough to see her a lot in the space of a few months several years ago. And be sure to check out the two albums that came before this one - they're great.

Feb-14-2006, 6:40am
She's performed in Halifax a few times. She is from British Columbia I believe.

Feb-15-2006, 11:05am
Count me under the spell. She's playing SXSW in Austin next month, so you can check her out there. I anticipate a break through show.

Feb-16-2006, 2:34pm
I am bewitched and under the spell!
That girl is just great in every way, and so is her band and the frolicing wenches in the woods.
Bless the internet - otherwise I would never have seen this!


tremolo jones
Feb-28-2006, 5:53pm
Me 'n Mrs. Jones saw her at the Canada Day celebration in Central Park back in '01. She was wonderful then and just keeps getting better.

Mar-04-2006, 1:17pm
That's a talented mandolin player with a fine-sounding mandolin on "I Am Aglow". Can anyone identify the make of mandolin?

Mar-29-2006, 7:56am
She was in Knoxville for the Blue Plate Special (WDVX.COM) and I think it was a snake head Gibson A.


Jim Yates
Apr-24-2006, 4:06pm
I know of Joey Wright as a great guitar player, but haven't heard him play mandolin. I think he's Jenny Whitely's husband. If he is, then Dan Whitely probably did most of the mandolining when I saw Jenny and Joe played guitar.
Hey Glen Simpson - Sarah Harmer used to live just north of Kingston, Ontario when she made the SONGS FOR CLEM album and when she played with Weeping Tile, but she may have moved to B.C. since then.